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Rereading Wolverine & The X-Men With Ron Wimberly In Mind
And she takes the lead in Wolverine & The X-Men #10, edited by Katie Kubert. Marvel Wiki tells is "Melita's father is Mexican and her mother is African-American." Wimberly looks at the colours he was requested to amend Curious at the disparity he queries the issue, only to be told, So what changes did he make? I understand this[...]
Gail Simone Left Batgirl Over Creative Differences With The Editor… Who Then Left DC Comics
Gail Simone is appearing at the London Film And Comic Con this weekend (taking of which, show organisers? Please get in touch, I have questions…) Which means she's on the British timezone to start talking about what happened with Batgirl. Just for reference, Batgirl #31-#33 were edited by Katie Kubert, assistant edited by Mark Humphries with Mark Doyle as group editor[...]
Two DC Comics Editors Leave – One To Marvel, One To Valiant (UPDATE x2)
And both let DC Comics know yesterday. I'm told that newly promoted editor Katie Kubert of Batman, Detective Comics and Batman Eternal will be taking that promotion straight over to Marvel Comics, where she will join previous departed Bat-editor Mike Marts UPDATE – And she's at the Marvel Next Big Thing panel at SENYC – that's fast[...]