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Why is HBO Max Hiding Its Criterion Movie Selection

Why is HBO Max Hiding Its Criterion Movie Selection?

It's Day 4 of HBO Max' so-so official launch as a new streaming service. It has a brand name problem – most people are confused about how it's supposed to be different from HBO Now or HBO Go. If you have an HBO subscription, you already have access to HBO Max. And having HBO Max […]

Dororo: Anime Honors Osamu Tezukas Classic Manga Better with Subtitles (REVIEW)

Dororo: Anime Honors Osamu Tezuka's Classic Manga, Better with Subtitles (REVIEW)

The result is a more melancholy and austere style reminiscent of classic period Japanese movies directed by directors like Akira Kurosawa and Kenji Mizoguchi The action scenes are precise and have more style than most American blockbusters With just one episode, anime fans are already buzzing that this will be one of the highlights of[...]