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It's the good guys' brains versus the bad guys' brawn and it's hard to not have a vested interest in either side as both are equally dynamic and interesting. On team brawn is the mysterious Elaine, her son Galahad and a team of bulked up soldiers; all who plan on reviving the long-dead King Arthur and[...]
Director Ridley Scott talks about Prometheus at WonderCon 2012. Photo by Mary Anne Butler
Barron book series about arguably one of the most famous wizards in lore, The Merlin Saga would follow the magic-slinger during the years long before King Arthur. Revisiting the Giger world of Alien while filming Prometheus Lord of the Rings co-scribe Philippa Boyens is set to write the feature film Scott Free (Ridley's company) will co-produce with Gil Netter,[...]
In Camelot! – Ray Palmer Knows His Arthurian Legends
He's telling everyone how out of place they are, looking more like a renaissance fair rejects than authentic for the time when a group of knights in shining armor appear and it's Ray Palmer who recognizes the crest of King Arthur. DC's Legends of Tomorrow airs Tuesdays at 9 PM on the CW. [...]
The Lady Of The Lake Appears With Excalibur In Latest King Arthur Trailer
The latest trailer for the upcoming King Arthur: Legend of the Sword from Warner Bros has a lot of new footage this time around This time we get to see King Uther (Eric Bana) sending away the infant Arthur as his castle falls in a siege, we see the waters falling to reveal Excalibur in[...]
New Teaser Arrives Ahead Of Tomorrow's New 'King Arthur' Trailer
The twitter account for the upcoming King Arthur film has teased out a new 30 second clip ahead of a new full trailer schedule to release tomorrow on President's Day We've had two trailers thus far – one from back at SDCC last year, then one that'd dropped just shy of a month ago. From Nothing[...]