King Arthur Has Returned In England's Hour Of Need – And She's A 7-Year-Old Girl

The Doctor is now a woman — so why can't King Arthur be a 7-year-old girl?

Matilda Jones discovered a four-foot long Cornish sword in Dozmary Pool, where Arthur is meant to have thrown Excalibur after battle. According to legend, the sword was caught like the finest of English cricketers by the Lady of the Lake, who grabbed it before returning it to the icy depths.

And now it appears to be found. The Sheffield Star reports that Matilda's family were on holiday, visiting from Doncaster in Yorkshire. Which makes even more sense; obviously the next King Arthur should arise from God's own country. For Americans unfamiliar, Yorkshire is basically Westeros. And days before, Matilda's father had been telling her the tales of King Arthur.

In typical Yorkshire father putting down of the slightest sign of ambition or spirit, however, he tells the Mail that it was probably a film prop, and not the genuine Excalibur. But does that matter? And only a decade or so until Matilda comes of age — can a Brexit-riven Britain wait that long?

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