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Orbital Space London
Orbital Space, the combination comic book shop and art gallery turned it up a notch last night with the new Shaky Kane and Krent Able gallery exhibition sitting alongside other artists now on display With a combination of booze, a violinist, and impossible chiselled/curved young people flocking, Orbital definitely moved its notch from comic book[...]
Auto Draft
And he's now teaming up with the johnny-cum-lately Krent Able, comic book performance artist who has been all over Bleeding Cool in recent years Both have seen recent work published through Image Comics, which is where they are collaborating now Their new graphic novel suggests the biggest reason for the collaboration was because of the[...]
Julian Hanshaw, Krent Able Follow "I Feel Machine" With "I Feel Love"
Hanshaw won The Observer/Comica short story award in 2008 and became a graphic novelist. Krent Able is a comic artist, illustrator and film-maker, whose comics first appeared in The Stool Pigeon in 2009 His work has since appeared in The Guardian, The NME and Vice, and in 2016 was the subject of an award-winning documentary about[...]