Riot Games Suspends League Of Legends LCS Over Coronavirus

Riot Games Suspends "League Of Legends" LCS Over Coronavirus

On top of that, the 2020 LCS Spring Finals will be moved to Los Angeles to cut down on travel and possible exposure.[caption id="attachment_1178313" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Credit: Riot Games[/caption]As the impact of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) continues to grow, we’re committed to keeping the health and safety of players, fans, and everyone who makes the LCS possible[...]

League Of Legends Announces LCS Spring Finals In Texas

"League Of Legends" Announces LCS Spring Finals In Texas

During the League Of Legends Spring Split this weekend, Riot Games had a special announcement as they revealed the LCS Spring Finals 2020 would be in Texas The event will take place from April 18th-19th at the Ford Center at The Star in Frisco, with ticket info coming out on February 14th and sold on[...]

Bud Light Becomes The Official League Of Legends Championship Series Beer

Bud Light Becomes The Official "League Of Legends" Championship Series Beer

Now they've partnered up with Riot Games for the 2020 LCS season in what is most assuredly one of the best deals Riot has made since the league started.[caption id="attachment_1150566" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Credit: Riot Games[/caption]Last year, Anheuser-Busch InBev trademarked the phrase “official beer of esports”, which was a sign they were going to start treating[...]

Bjergsen Becomes Part Owner Of LCS Team Signs With TSM

Bjergsen Becomes Part Owner Of LCS Team, Signs With TSM

This week, TSM announced that Søren“Bjergsen” Bjerg had signed a new contract with them for the LCS team, and also became a part owner of the organization This news is a bit of a surprise, but not too shocking considering both parties involved Bjergsen will become the longest-running member of Team SoloMid, as his contract[...]

Goodbye West Village Comics (NYC)

Goodbye, West Village Comics (NYC)?

Unfortunately, another local comic shop is closing down. Manned by Kurt Bollers, West Village Comics is closing down this coming Sunday, September 29th. Opening June 30th 2018, while short lived, the shop was a nice little hobby spot where fans went to pick up their books and discover hard to find and rare back issues […]

Direct Market vs. Diversity: Another Look At The Issue

Direct Market vs. Diversity: Another Look At The Issue

This speaks to the fact that the vast majority of LCS owners would probably quite easily fit into the demographic description of 40+, white, cis, straight male And we have heard many stories over the years of how audience members, or people who wish to be audience members, for the medium who do not fit[...]

Cardiff Comic Store Owner At Risk Of Homelessness Due To City Regeneration

Cardiff Comic Store Owner At Risk Of Homelessness Due To City Regeneration

Much like a certain Time Lord whose adventures are regularly filmed in and around the capitol city of Wales in the UK, Cardiff itself is going through a bit of a regeneration. Mainly focused around the Central Station region, the development aims to create a new central city square, one that for many travelling to […]