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What I'd Love To See From A Fox TV League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen

A TV version of League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen on Fox.It will no doubt be some steampunky with the initial core cast of characters from the League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen comic/film with maybe a few changes Something so they don't have to show the Nautilus every week Fin de siécle Victorian pulp characters all smooshed together[...]

The Extraordinary Demographic Of Alan Moore And Kevin O'Neill

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s_tp2UQuvKY[/youtube] A video taken of the recent Nemo: Heart Of Ice signing by Alan Moore and Kevin O'Neill at Gosh! Comics in London. Most comic book signings, especially of creators predominently known for their superhero work. feature a certain demographic. White, male, of a certain size and a certain beard length. This one, it seems, […]

A New Kevin O'Neill Screen Print For League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen

This is the League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Nemo, Heart Of Ice seven colour screen print, signed by Alan Moore and Kevin O'Neill, limited to 250 and released by Gosh! Comics in London The art is exclusive for the print, and it is limited to one per person £90, copies can be ordered  from www.goshlondon.com or[...]

FIRST REVIEW: League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Nemo Heart Of Ice

Dave Wallace reviews Nemo: Heart of IceAlan Moore and Kevin O'Neill's League of Extraordinary Gentlemen has undergone something of an evolution over recent years After the Victoriana-laced adventure-driven romps of volumes 1 and 2, the sequels Black Dossier and Century took the series' underpinning idea - the notion that all fictional characters could coexist within[...]

Did China Mieville Have A Little Dig At Alan Moore?

looking at previous Dial H incarnations and inhabitants.In 2007, DC Comics published League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen: The Black Dossier, which featured the Golliwog Which caused quite the fuss.Could that have been.. a dig from Dial H writer China Mieville? Did his editor, and previous editor of Alan Moore's work, Karen Berger, catch it? [...]

Spoiler Swipe File: The Olympic Opening Ceremony And League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen

From that quite spectacular Olympic Ceremony tonight, we saw Voldemort amongst other villains from British children's literature, such as the Childcatcher, Cruella De Ville, The Queen Of Hearts and more, soundly defeated by Mary Poppins in multitude, in a tribute to literature, the National Health Service and the Great Ormond Street Hospital.And the final[...]

Fifty Trades Of Gray – The Top Selling Graphic Novels Of June 2012

I don't care I'm sticking with the headline.And while the new Walking Dead collection dominates, not how the League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen challenges it, The Biys does pretty well too, beating DC's Bat books I'd like to remind you that The Boys was dropped by DC Comics under the orders of Paul Levitz.That the new[...]

The Look Of The Alan Moore And Tim Perkins Black Dossier Vinyl Record

So I picked up the League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen: The Black Dossier in its reissued version from Gosh Comics today (they are having a Fatale signing and launch with Sean Phillips, as well as an exhibition of his original art) and indeed it comes with a vinyl single record, recorded by Alan Moore and Tim[...]

Saturday Runaround – All Day, All Night, All Alan Moore

The fools.Minimum Carnage | Spider-Man | News | Marvel.com Find out more Sunday, July 15 at the Amazing Spider-Man panel, 12:30PM PST, during Comic Con International 2012! ICv2 - First Half Comic Sales Up 18% Sales of comics and graphic novels in comic stores were up 18.16% for the first half of 2012 compared to the first half[...]

Alan Moore's Jerusalem And New League For 2013

It's his second novel. It is reputed to be half a million words long. It may take some time to read, it's taken a very long to write. Jerusalem, by Alan Moore. And, according to this leaflet handed out at the Gosh! Comics signing yesterday, it's scheduled for Autumn in 2013. Moore first mentioned it […]

League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Century 2009: The Bleeding Cool Review

But The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen Century 2009 is so much more.. and for those who feel media coverage has spoiled this book at all, I disagree completely I'd read everything, yet going in I found acres of surprise - and an amazing, wonderful and awe inspiring finale Which I am most definitely not going[...]

A New Image From League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Century 2009 – And A Signing

League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Century 2009 is coming.You can read a preview of the comic here.. although the image above is new Which appears to show Prospero reaching out to Orlando from his red/blue glasses 3D Blazing World, with Hyde and Peter Pan, as seen in The Black Dossier.And you can get both the newly-distributed-in-the-UK[...]

Preview: League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Century 2009

Here are some early looks at the upcoming League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Century: 2009 by Alan Moore and Kevin O'Neill to be published in June I've tried to summon my inner Jess Nevins.. do feel free to join in.A rusted ruined Martain ship from the Martian invasion of Earth, in LOEG II The Treens Out[...]

Richard Pace's The League Of Halfway Decent Gentlemen

Richard Pace was the first comic book creator to state that they knew that Before Watchmen was actually happening. And now he has a take on the current situation… Alan Moore's response to it, and the possible response from the creators involved. Here is his Burning Itch…