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Left 4 Dead Characters Join The Ranks Of Zombie Army 4
Rebellion Developments revealed a new Season Three drop for Zombie Army 4 this week as you can now play as a few Left 4 Dead characters Renowned zombie slayers Bill, Francis, Louis, and Zoey have made the jump from the famed zombies series to go back in time to help fight a parallel universe's World[...]
3 Horror Video Games That Deserve Cinematic Adaptations
There has to be a studio out there that realizes BioShock has the opportunity to become a visually stunning horror film, so hopefully, we'll have a chance to see a film made one day. Left 4 Dead It's hard for me to talk about anything remotely horror and video game-related without bringing up the 2008 multiplayer survival[...]
Left 4 Dead Creator Mike Booth Joins Resolution Games
Some interesting news this week from Resolution Games as they announced that Mike Booth, creator of Left 4 Dead, has joined their team Having a hand in several Valve, Blizzard Entertainment, and Electronic Arts games over the years, as well as being a co-founder of Turtle Rock Studios, Booth is an amazing talent in the[...]
Valve Puts the Final Nail in "Left 4 Dead 3's" Coffin
Credit: Valve Just in case you've been holding out hope for Left 4 Dead 3 to actually arrive any time soon (or exist at all), Valve valiantly stepped forward to cut you down. In a new statement to IGN, the developer put all of the Left 4 Dead 3 rumors to rest. "We've seen rumors to this effect[...]
Left 4 Dead Voice Actor Jim French Passes Away
You may not recognize the name Jim French immediately, but if you're a fan of the Left 4 Dead series you'll know his voice French played the character William "Bill" Overbeck in the series, as well as Father Grigori in Half-Life 2, the Elder Titan in Dota 2, and many other credits to his name[...]
Former Half-Life Writer Chet Faliszek Leaves Valve
I worked there 12 years, shipped a bunch of great games and some amazing hardware and wanted to change things up." Over his 12-year Valve career, Faliszek worked on the scripts for both of Half-Life 2's Episode DLC packs, Portal, Left 4 Dead, Portal 2, Left 4 Dead 2 and became one of the few public faces for the infamously[...]
'Lost' Left 4 Dead Episode Has Just Been Released By Developer
Left 4 Dead was really a big moment for co-op games in the modern sense It really laid the ground work for how most co-op is done today, and its impact is still massive. And you have a reason to go back to it now Turtle Rock Studios, who developed the first game with Valve, have[...]