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Lilah Sturges and Alitha E. Martinez Reveal The Science Of Ghosts

Martinez, artist on Iron Man, Black Panther and Batgirl are creating a new graphic novel The Science of Ghosts around a transgender parapsychologist from Legendary Comics, out next Summer. While on the verge of losing a research grant that would jeopardize her academic life work, Joy Ravenna is approached by a wealthy young heiress who claims[...]

WEBTOON Announces Return of “Acursian” by and Starring John Barrowman

WEBTOON and Legendary Comics Announce Return of "Acursian" by and Starring John Barrowman

Musical theatre star.And comics creator.[caption id="attachment_1106967" align="alignnone" width="984"] Legendary Comics/WEBTOON[/caption]Arcursian, a fantasy thriller written by Barrowman, his sister Carole Barrowman and Erika Lewis with art by Beni Lobel has been running on WEBTOON Tommy Lee Edwards provided the character designs Publisher Legendary Comics placed the series on popular digital comics publishing platform[...]

Pacific Rim: Aftermath Cover by Richard Elson

Pacific Rim Aftermath #1 Review: A Gap That Didn't Need Filling

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] In the weeks and months following the events of Pacific Rim, the Jaeger pilots have fallen into obscurity. One, Griffin, is now a drifter who works illegally mining and smuggling the remains of dilapidated Jaegers. Unfortunately, he has some competition working for a familiar face — or what is left of a familiar […]

SDCC '15: Warcraft: Bonds Of Brotherhood Graphic Novel Coming In May 2016

Setting the stage for the new film Warcraft, Legendary Comics announced the official graphic novel prequel Warcraft: Bonds of Brotherhood today at the Blizzard panel.Based on the video game franchise, this is an original story conceived by Blizzard's Chris Metzen, written by Paul Cornell (Doctor Who) and featuring art from Mat Broome (Batman: No Man's Land, WildC.A.T.S., Witchblade).Warcraft: Bonds of Brotherhood will be released in May 2016, weeks before[...]

Whilce Portacio Covers Pacific Rim: Tales From The Drift

Image Comics co-founder Whilce Portacio has done a variant cover for the first issue of Legendary Comics new series Pacific Rim: Tales From The Drift The series, based on the Guillermo del Toro film, will be written by Joshua Fialkov and drawn by Marcos Marz The issue goes on sale November 4th and will have[...]

Arrow's Marc Guggenheim To Write New Comics For Legendary

Arrow executive producer Marc Guggenheim is teaming up with artist Freddie Williams II and Legendary Comics to publish The Adventures Of Jonas Quantum An original sci-fi odyssey starring Jonas Quantum, a maverick hyper-genius that can cure death, travel through time and unlock wormholes in the average day He can do anything.. except play well with[...]

Legendary Comics Announces Two New Graphic Novels Based On Films

Legendary Comics is taking the twisted stories from the mind of Michael Dougherty from his films to the printed page They will be publishing two graphic novels based on Trick 'r Treat and Krampus Both comics directly tie to the horror films about Halloween and Christmas. "I've been having way too much fun working with Legendary[...]

"Some People Believe In The Harvester The Same Way Some People Believe In Bigfoot" – Brandon Seifert On His New Project

Legendary Comics has a new series coming soon called The Harvester written by Brandon Seifert (Witch Doctor, Hellraiser). The Harvester follows two investigators who hunt down the urban legend of a vengeful superhuman enforcer The cover art is by Eric Battle (X-Men, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman), and issue #1 of the 10-issue series launches February 11 I talked with Seifert about the series and what readers[...]

Bleeding Cool's 11 Best Comics Of 2014

By Rich Johnston, Hannah Means-Shannon, and Christine Marie Why 11? Building on our inaugural Bleeding Cool "best of" lists last year, we encourage you, dear readers, to dial it up to 11. It's no exaggeration to say that this has been an extreme year for the number of new and innovative comic series reaching readers […]

Legendary Comics Deals With Random House Over New Graphic Novels From Judd Winick, Geoff Shaw, Jonathan Hennessey, Shane Davis, Brandon Seifert And Eric Battle

Remember when you use to see Legendary titles sneaking in to the back of Marvel Comics solicitations in Previews? Well, you probably won't get that again for some time.   Legendary Comics, a division of Legendary Entertainment, announced today it has entered into an exclusive multi-year sales and distribution agreement with Penguin Random House Publisher Services, a[...]

JMS Goes Legendary

First we heard about the return of Joe's Comics at Image, and now there's this:Legendary Comics is proud to announce The Majestic Files This project was a surprise announcement at San Diego Comic-Con 2012 at the Legendary Comics panel The Majestic Files is written by J Michael Straczynski Pencils by Geoff Shaw Inker Matt[...]

Legendary Comics Announces Matt Wagner & Simon Bisley, Paul Pope Projects [Update]

Big news out of the Legendary Comics panel at San Diego today: Today the Legendary Comics panel at San Diego Comic-Con unveiled that the company will publish two exciting new projects from esteemed artists, Paul Pope and Matt Wagner.Paul Pope’s art book, PULPHOPE, will feature more than 200 pages of Pope’s career retrospective and includes many[...]