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Oscar Isaac Gets Head Wounds at Legendary Comics

At a part of their Comic-Con@Home presentation, Legendary Comics has announced a new graphic novel from Star Wars star Oscar Isaac, Bob Johnson, John Alvey, Jason Spire, writer Brian Buccellato, and artist Christian Ward. This will be Isaac's first-ever dip into the graphic novel medium, as long as you don't count the Star Wars comics plastered with his stubbly face. The graphic novel is called Head Wounds: Sparrow and will follow a dirty cop who receives an otherworldly curse.

Oscar Isaac's Head Wounds: Sparrow announced by Legendary. Credit: Legendary's Comic-Con@Home Stream.
Oscar Isaac's Head Wounds: Sparrow announced by Legendary. Credit: Legendary's Comic-Con@Home Stream.

Oscar Isaac announced on the video stream:

"I grew up as a big fan of comic books and I remember me and my friends would always imagine being able to create these things. We'd even draw our own comics and make our own stories. That really formed me throughout my life. I always thought it'd be great one day to find a really interesting story and make a graphic novel. […Bob Johnson] shared with me Head Wounds, and I just thought it was fascinating. I thought it was a great take on empathy. I was really excited about it and thought it would be great as a graphic novel."

Writer Brian Buccellato will bring this new series to life with artist Christian Ward, who has risen to comic book stardom with his painterly, mind-bending style. Buccellato said:

"When the story starts Leo is a cop in New Orleans, he works in Narcotics Division, and he is a dirty cop. He does things he shouldn't. He is a carouser, he's divorced, he has a personal trauma that he won't acknowledge. At a certain point, I guess the forces of good have had enough and they step in and they sort of put this curse or this stigmata upon him for him to suffer the wounds of those he was sworn to protect. That basically sort of opens up this world to larger crimes and things going on around him that he's gonna have to solve. Otherwise, he'll never get some peace and he'll live in pain […] It's a pain no one else can see, so he looks like a crazy lunatic  who's running around like 'nobody can see this terrible thing that's happening to me, woe is me.' His only medicine is to do the right."

Watch the full Legendary panel in order to witness Poe Dameron himself geeking out about comics right here.

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