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The cover to The Essential Guide to Comic Book Lettering
Did you know there are all sorts of fancy rules and theories that go into the craft of comic book lettering? Well, one of the industry's foremost letterers, Nate Piekos, will explain it all to you in the forthcoming Image Comics release, The Essential Guide to Comic Book Lettering The book is… hey, where are[...]
Talking Lettering with La Voz De M.A.Y.O.'s Bernardo Brice
That makes it the perfect time for Bleeding Cool to speak with letterer Bernardo Brice about the comic and the oft-overlooked craft of comic book lettering. Letterers don't get a lot of attention in the press when it comes to comics, even though lettering is an important part of making a comic Colorists have recently gotten[...]
We Be Geeks Episode 112: With Great Font Comes… Joe Caramagna
He also gave Mike, Marty and Julz an inside look at lettering (yeah papyrus) and what his process looks like His optimism is quite contagious, so sit back, relax and enjoy this treat! Subscribe today on iTunes and Stitcher and leave a 5 star review Leave a voice mail on the Geek Revolution hotline at 321-219-8227[...]
Richard Starkings' Twelve Days Of Comic Book Lettering
Seven down, five to go, as Richard Starkings and JG of Comicraft talk through their tips and peeves of lettering, including never before seen versions of logos for the likes of Nightwing, as they take you through the best and worst examples of the form All in aid of a Comic Book Lettering sale coming[...]
K Is For Knowledge… And Todd Klein
Todd Klein has gotten to K on his series of alphabetical prints and where he teamed with artists for each of the previous ten, number eleven is all his.
Morning Glories, Evening Disappointment
For those who used Amazon, you may be in for a wee wait. The volume in question contains a page with no lettering As a result, retailers are asked to withdraw the book from sale, and replacements will be on their way in the near future. So if you have your copy already, talk to your comic[...]
How To Fix Twilight Manga Lettering
While the general public can't give a toss about the lettering in Twilight: The Graphic Novel, it's certainly got enough people in the comics industry and community narked – and understandably so, considering it's such a poor job. So who can fix it? Well, there are many people who think Todd Klein is the finest letterer in[...]