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Lucy Hale is Shell Shocked by Life Sentence Cancellation

Lucy Hale is Shell Shocked by 'Life Sentence' Cancellation

It really comes as no surprise after the series' extremely low ratings and exile to Friday nights, but TVLine is reporting that The CW has now officially cancelled the series Life Sentence The series starred Lucy Hale as Stella Abbott, a young woman dying of cancer and making choices knowing her time is short.. except[...]

Life Sentence Creator Points Out the Series Isnt Cancelled Yet

Life Sentence Creator Points Out the Series Isn't Cancelled Yet

The CW series Life Sentence has been pulling in very low rating numbers, and most are considering it a foregone conclusion that The CW won't be bringing it back But series creator Richard Keith pointed out on his Twitter account that the show has not been cancelled and that no decision will be made until[...]

Supergirl Season 3: The CW Confirms Season Finale Date

Supergirl Season 3: The CW Confirms Season Finale Date

Once the show fires back up, it's expected to run strait without a break until Monday June 18th when the CW says we'll get the season finale.This date was confirmed as part of an announcement giving the start date for the CW summer series.My Last Days will premiere Friday May 25th at 8 PM. Whose Line[...]

CW Moves The Originals Up as Life Sentence Gets a Death Sentence

CW Moves 'The Originals' Up as 'Life Sentence' Gets a Death Sentence

It was originally planned to launch two days later, on Friday April 20th.The reason for the move is the incredibly poor showing for the newest CW series, Life Sentence The series stars Lucy Hale as Stella, a woman who had been living her life with terminal cancer only to find out she's cured and now[...]

Trailers For New CW Shows Dynasty Life Sentence And Valor

Trailers For New CW Shows 'Dynasty', 'Life Sentence', And 'Valor'

Collider got trailers and summaries for the three other CW freshmen series; Dynasty, Life Sentence, and Valor The trailers are actually on the long side, along with the summary, but it does mean you have a very good idea whether or not these shows are going to be for youDynasty Summary: Fallon Carrington (Elizabeth Gillies)[...]