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"Toys That Made Us" Season 3: Like a Warm Blanket For Toy Fans
I understand that the bread and butter is the vintage lines that started it all, but with wrestling for instance, Mattel has been at it for ten years now, and have been making some of the best wrestling figures ever to hit the market. Sure, LJN and Hasbro are great, but a little further look into[...]
Mattel WWE Retrofest Macho Man Figure
We will buy the same wrestlers over and over again, as some attires remind us of our favorite matches, some are wonderful examples of how far we have come from the LJN and Hasbro days And some are all about the packaging The new Gamestop exclusive WWE RetroFest Elite figures fall into that category When[...]
The Toys That Made Us: 6 Brands That We are Going to Need Episodes on Pronto
There was even a parody game created by economics professor Ralph Anspach in 1973 called Anti-Monopoly that led to a long and very interesting court battle. WWE/WWF Action Figures Wrestling figures have been around for decades now, from LJN to the mega-popular Hasbro line to the current Mattel line The story of the collecting community behind wrestling[...]