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The Bob's Burgers Movie Releases Final Trailer & New Poster
The film is directed by Loren Bouchard and Bernard Derriman, written by Bouchard and Nora Smith, and stars Kristen Schaal, H Jon Benjamin, John Roberts, Dan Mintz, Eugene Mirman, Larry Murphy, Zach Galifianakis, Kevin Kline, and David Wain. Source: 20th Century StudiosThe Bob's Burgers Movie combines multiple genres into the story, such as a mystery thriller and[...]
"Central Park" Creator: Why Men Voice Female Characters Sometimes; Why Kristen Bell "Needed to Voice" Mixed-Race Character
Created by Bob's Burger creator/executive producer Loren Bouchard, who co-wrote the project with Bob's Burgers' executive producer Nora Smith and actor-writer Josh Gad (Beauty and the Beast), the series' rights were won by the streamer with a two-season, 26-episode straight-to-season order, after what was described as a very competitive situation against two rival streaming services Central[...]
Fox Renews Family Guy for Season 16, Bob's Burgers for Season 9
Credit: Fox Twenty-four hours after what can best be described as "Cancel Friday," — where a solid number of series were cancelled by several networks — comes a little positive (thought not surprising) news on the animation front: Fox has renewed Seth MacFarlane's Family Guy for a 16th season (also the show's 20th anniversary) and Loren Bouchard's Bob's Burgers[...]
Apple Set to Visit Central Park from Bob's Burgers Creator, Actor Josh Gad
Credit (Bell, left): DFree – Shutterstock.com / (Odom, Jr., top right): Leonard Zhukovsky – Shutterstock.com / (Gad, bottom right): Shutterstock.com Continuing to plant their flag when it comes to original scripted programming, Apple has secured the rights to the animated musical comedy Central Park, from 20th Century Fox TV.  Originated by Bob's Burger creator/executive producer Loren Bouchard, who co-wrote[...]
Bob's Burgers
Jon Benjamin John Roberts, Dan Mintz, Eugene Mirman, and Kristen Schaal. Show creator Loren Bouchard said of the project: "We're thrilled to be invited to bring Bob's Burgers to the big screen We know the movie has to scratch every itch the fans of the show have ever had, but it also has to work for all[...]
Bob's Burgers At The Con And A New Frank Forte Cover
It's a retailer exclusive for ComicXposure for issue #2 and available at their website. Then we have photos from series creator Loren Bouchard signing at the Previews booth at SDCC We get to see him interacting with fans, talking to a Louise cosplayer and chatting with Dynamite publisher Nick Barrucci And a look at the exclusive print Bouchard[...]
Bob's Burgers To Return For A Sixth Season
The comedy from creator Loren Bouchard, won its first Emmy for outstanding animated series back in August. [Source: THR] Fox announced on Thursday that their Emmy-winning animated series Bob's Burgers would be coming back for a 22-episode sixth season The show has been gaining in popularity over the course of its run with the season five[...]
Bernard Derriman Talks Bob's Burgers Comics And Show
How exactly did your partnership with Dynamite come about? The creator of Bob's Burgers, Loren Bouchard really liked the idea of seeing Bobs as a comic The studio that creates Bobs, Bento Box Entertainment, reached out to Dynamite who were a great fit to produce them Also, one of the driving forces of the comic in[...]