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He moves in with his friends (Jonah Ray, Felicia Day) and hangs out with long-time friends (Gavin Stenhouse, Lyndie Greenwood) During one of the hangouts, they create the "Pooka Challenge" to mess with the internet bullies that won't leave Derrick alone What they don't know is that the challenge summons multiple murderous versions of Pooka,[...]
The Sleepy Hollow Experience At SDCC 2014
 The fans were joined by the show's stars, Nichole Beharie, Tom Mison, Orlando Jones, Katia Winter and Lyndie Greenwood who also showed up to go through the 3D experience following their panel discussion the night before After a dramatic cliff-hanger at the end of last season which left Ichabod Crane, in a box, Mison chatted[...]
MCM Comic Con Birmingham – Meeting the Women of Sleepy Hollow
Well, not free as such, rather kidnapped by the Headless Horseman. Appearing at MCM Comic Con Birmingham this last weekend, star of the show Nicole Beharie (Abbie Mills), Katia Winter (Katrina Crane) and Lyndie Greenwood (Jenny) chatted with fans over the two days about their time on the show so far, their time on set and[...]