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Wolverine #1 - When Madripoor Became A Thing - At Auction
Madripoor is a Marvel fictitious version of a fictitious idea of Singapore, full of swarthy Asian pirate types and tropes in a libertarian organised-criminal free-for-all with a mix of bars, drug dens, casinos and, I don't know, cock-fighting dens. It was recently recreated for the TV series The Falcon & The Winter Soldier – though without[...]
Falcon and Winter Soldier: Marvel Launches Madripoor Tourism Site
When it comes to viral marketing, Marvel doesn't believe in doing half-assed especially when it comes to their fictional areas of the world like Sokovia, Wakanda, and now Madripoor Introduced in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Madripoor is an insular city-state located in the Indonesian archipelago in Southeast Asia Established in the 19th century,[...]
The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is Chock Full of Idiot Ball Writing
It's another instance of "because we say so" from the writers' room. Of course, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier has to go to Madripoor Madripoor never really made sense when you stopped to think about it Chris Claremont originally created it as an Orientalist, racist distortion of Singapore, which is a legitimate democratic city-state[...]
Krakoa Road Trips To Madripoor & Tokyo – Cable #8 and Marauders #18
Marauders goes to Madripoor and Cable goes to Tokyo, both written by Gerry Duggan Once upon a time there was a mutant called Masque A Morlock with the power to mould people's faces into grotesque versions of themselves, he created a "signature" look for the underground-living mutants of New York At one point he made[...]
Claws And Hands
Claws, Gliders And Hands For Sale From Marvel Today With Spider-Man, Deadpool, Conan and Wolverine. Savage Avengers #17 And as Deadpool's own comic also enters King In Black territory, Deadpool does what he must to prevent himself getting Knullified like everyone else. Deadpool #10 And in today's Wolverine #9, it appears that Logan himself has gone through something similar[...]
REVIEW: Black Cat #10 -- "This Is One Madripoor Vacation You'll Love"
This is one Madripoor vacation you'll love RATING: BUY. BLACK CAT #10 JED MACKAY (W) • KRIS ANKA (A) • Cover by J SCOTT CAMPBELL • Felicia and Logan on the run from all matter of Madripoorian murder squads! • Kade Kilgore, former head of the Hellfire Club, current boss of the criminal capital of the world, has marked[...]
X-Men Blue #6 Review: Always The Jean-Wolverine-Cyclops Love Triangle
The team has retired to Madripoor, but Jean Grey has found herself unbearably bored while waiting around in their headquarters while the city is celebrating a holiday. After finding Cyclops training with Magneto, Jean goes out for a night on the town with Jimmy and Hank McCoy. While having fun out in Madripoor, Jimmy stumbles upon a[...]