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Batman Talks To Robin About His Boyfriend, Today (Spoilers)
And all, to some degree, deal with the fallout of Future State and Fear State across the DC Comics books of Gotham. Batgirls #1 With, in Batman: Urban Legends #10, even the police realising that Gothamites aren't entirely completely happy to call the police anymore.   Batman: Urban Legends #10 In I Am Batman #4, the Jace Fox Batman is[...]
Nightwing #86 Review: Under Siege
Credit: DC Comics A billionaire named Simon Saint has swooped in with a militarized, mechanized force called the Magistrate to impose order on Gotham City after the Joker War crossover decimated Bruce Wayne's fortune and a new mayor has turned the city against vigilantes Yeah, it's a lot. Nightwing swung into town to be concerned about the[...]
Batman #109 Review: Yesterday’s News
RATING: HONORABLE MENTION. Batman #109 By James Tynion the Fourth, Jorge Jiminez, Ricardo Lopez Ortiz Main Story: Mayor Nakano green-lights the Magistrate pilot program for Gotham City as Batman goes toe-to-toe with the augmented and bloodthirsty Peacekeeper-01! It's a brutal battle for the ages, but what secrets does Harley Quinn hold about the man beneath the armor, Sean Mahoney? And[...]
DC Comics Future State Week Two
Shot by Peacekeeper One, the first of the Peacekeeper, part of the fascist Magistrate, employed by Mayor Nakona, engineered by Tim Fox's father Lucius and legally defended by his mother, Tanya So it's quite the family affair. DC Future State: Dark Detective #1 And despite Peacekeeper One stating that he knows who Bruce Wayne is, the reported[...]