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Giant-Size Super-Heroes #1 (Marvel, 1974) featuring Spider-Man, Morbius and Man-Wolf.
Giant-Size Super-Heroes #1 featuring Spider-Man also features not one but two Marvel spins on classic horror monsters.  1974 was peak Marvel horror overall, and that year alone included the likes of Chamber of Chills, Creatures on the Loose, Crypt of Shadows, Dead of Night, Dracula Lives, Fear, Frankenstein, Man-Thing, Haunt of Horror, Monsters on the[...]
Amazing Spider-Man #121 CGC 9.8 Taking Bids At Heritage Auctions
While not on that scale, issue #121 is becoming increasingly scarce in high-grade condition as people snatch up copies of the first appearance of Man-Wolf Maybe people think he has a role to play in the more street-level horror stuff coming to the MCU soon with Moon Knight and Blade Who knows This 9.8 copy[...]
The Amazing Spider-Man #124 featuring Man-Wolf (Marvel, 1973).
Jonah Jameson's son John Jameson and his transformation into Man-Wolf in Amazing Spider-Man #124 There's a copy of The Amazing Spider-Man #124 (Marvel, 1973) CGC NM 9.4 White pages up for auction in this week's 2021 July 4-5 Sunday & Monday Comic Books Select Auction #122127 from Heritage Auctions. The Amazing Spider-Man #124 featuring Man-Wolf (Marvel, 1973). Of course,[...]
Unused Spider-Man Record Art By Rich Buckler Up For Auction Today
Spider-Man fans, remember the Power Records audio comic releases? The ones that took issues of comics and added sound? Well, up for auction today is unused cover art for one of these releases, Amazing Spider-Man #124, "The Mark of the Man-Wolf." This is part of Heritage Auctions Dallas Lot #7236, taking bids and ending today[...]