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A look at Owen Hart in Dark Side of the Ring, courtesy of Vice TV.
If there's anybody that ever has any questions in the future about what went down you can go watch that episode." Having Owen Hart's Family on Dark Side of the Ring Was Key For the series' look at the life and death of Owen Hart, Jericho says it was the involvement of the late wrestler's wife Martha[...]
A look at Owen Hart in Dark Side of the Ring, courtesy of Vice TV.
In the following clips, Martha Hart, Jim Cornette, Jim "J.R." Ross, and more remember some of Owen's more famous/infamous "ribs" Check out the clip below to learn what a "natural rubber" Owen was, from prank calls and pigs to water bottle pee stains and unlacing his opponent's (and the ref's) boots in the ring to[...]
FULL-LENGTH MATCH - Raw - Bret Hart & British Bulldog vs. Owen Hart & Jim Neidhart, courtesy of WWE.
Martha Hart, has been making the interview rounds, and there's nothing to hold her back from speaking frankly and openly about how she felt and still feels about the wrestling business and WWE in particular And it's ruffling some feathers. Owen Hart versus Bret Hart, courtesy of WWE. Yesterday, we reported on Hart's comments about letting WWE[...]
Here's Why Martha Hart Won't Let WWE Put Owen Hart in Hall of Fame
Ahead of the season finale of Dark Side of the Ring covering the Owen Hart tragedy this Tuesday, Owen's wife, Martha Hart, was interviewed by CBS Sports It doesn't seem like Hart has forgiven WWE for Owen's death, and despite pleas from Mark Henry, she has no plans of allowing WWE to induct Owen in[...]
Talk Is Jericho Clip: Martha Hart On WWE Suing Her
Producers Evan Husney and Jason Eisener's docuseries take a look at the days and hours leading up to the incident, speaking with family and friends about the wrestler's life as well as examining the controversy surrounding the company's decision to continue the event after the fatal accident. Dark Side of the Ring looks at the death[...]
Mark Henry Pleads with Martha Hart: Let Owen Hart Join WWE Hall of Fame
Since falling to his death while performing an entrance stunt at WWE Over the Edge in 1999, Hart's widow, Martha Hart, has been on the outs with WWE, who she (perhaps rightfully) blames for her late husband's death As a result, despite a Hall of Fame worthy career, Owen Hart is not a member of[...]