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Mark Henry Pleads with Martha Hart: Let Owen Hart Join WWE Hall of Fame

On Saturday night, WWE inducted its 2018 class into the WWE Hall of Fame. Headlining a night that included The Dudley Boys, Ivory, Kid Rock, and Jeff Jarrett, amongst others, was Bill Goldberg, who oddly talked mostly about how he really wanted to be a professional football player. The man who should have headlined the evening was Mark Henry, whose WWE career spanned two decades and whose love and respect for the pro wrestling business was evident not only in his heartfelt speech, but in his everyday actions.

At one point during his speech, Henry took a moment to advocate for another pro wrestling legend to enter the WWE Hall of Fame: Owen Hart. Since falling to his death while performing an entrance stunt at WWE Over the Edge in 1999, Hart's widow, Martha Hart, has been on the outs with WWE, who she (perhaps rightfully) blames for her late husband's death. As a result, despite a Hall of Fame worthy career, Owen Hart is not a member of the WWE Hall of Fame. During his speech last night, Henry pleaded with Martha Hart to allow that to happen.

"This is not from other wrestlers," Henry, who also recalled some time spent with the Hart family in Canada after he threatened Shawn Michaels early in his career, said, after asking the camera to pan in as he spoke directly to Martha Hart. "This is from his other brother."

"He needs to be here," Henry said, losing his composure. "And I hate that I haven't kept up like I should have."

"I'd love to be able to look down one day and see [Hart's son] Oje able to be among us," Henry concluded. "It's his birthright."

Almost twenty years after Owen Hart's tragic death, is it time to let bygones be bygones? Mark Henry seems to think so.

Mark Henry Pleads with Martha Hart: Let Owen Hart Join WWE Hall of Fame

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