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We also want to see how Misty Knight will deal with having lost an arm in Marvel's The Defenders. To help prepare everyone, they've been using Marvel 101 to recap certain characters from the first season They started with Hernan "Shades" Alvarez (Theo Rossi), who played a key role in the creation of Luke, and then[...]
Jessica Jones season 2 Trish Walker
Last week, Netflix released the second season of Marvel's Jessica Jones while the latest Marvel 101 videos have been used to reacquaint viewers with the characters from the series, including Jeryn/Jeri Hogarth, Kilgrave, and Jessica herself The latest one focuses on Jessica's best friend Trish Walker. After the accident, Jessica (Krysten Ritter) was put with the[...]
jessica jones season 2
The choice of Krysten Ritter (Don't Tust the B___ in Apartment 23) may have seen odd at the time with her coming off of a sitcom, but the move proved to be brilliant as Ritter portrays Jones as a classic noir hero, damaged by life and often just trying to push back on a life[...]
Marvel 101
Marvel 101, the publisher's video profile for obscure characters, has gotten a major upgrade The series of video have been running for a while on Marvel's YouTube channel and has covered everything from the Infinity Stones, to the Netflix characters, to the Inhumans, to Hela and all points in between The videos show a series[...]
jessica jones season 2
And here we have a Marvel 101 for the fourth member of the Defenders, Jessica Jones Unlike the other members of the team, Jessica Jones was created in 2001 by Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Gaydos She was written in such a way to establish a longer history, meeting her when she is a private[...]
Marvel's Mantis 101 Is More Confusing Than Helpful
All of these things need set up before you can tie her story together. Marvel does these short Marvel 101 video for characters in the news and this week they decided to do Mantis And even after having done the research for my article, they video is really damn confusing They spend one minute on it[...]
The Thorn On The Rose You Never Expect – Loki 101
Marvel has released a new Marvel 101, this time focusing on Loki This show not only his history of being adopted by Odin and raised as a brother to Thor, but his ability to reincarnate and his grand designs on ruling Asgard But you look at the drawns of him as a child in the[...]
Marvel 101 Focuses On Jane Foster / Thor
The latest Marvel 101 focuses on the woman who wields the hammer, Mjolnir When the son of Odin was no longer worthy, Jane Foster stepped up and became Thor This is one of the more interesting character flips in recent memory We've seen James Rhodes fill in for Iron Man and a few different people[...]