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Which X-Woman Had Sex With Cable to Create Major X? [X-ual Healing 6-12-19]
Will there be another X-Force series after the Hickboot? We'll find out soon, I guess. Age of X-Man: Marvelous X-Men #5 (W) Lonnie Nadler, Zac Thompson (A) Marco Failla (CA) Phil Noto THE AGE OF X-MAN CONCLUSION! • Perfect is an idea…an idea that by its nature does not fit into reality. • The X-Men have seen the truth of[...]
Charles Xavier and the Power of Raw Eroticism in Next Week's Marvelous X-Men #4
Next week's Age of X-Man: Marvelous X-Men #4 takes a look at an important question: does Charle Xavier f***? Of course, X-Men fans already know the answer, which is, yes, Charles Xavier f***s a lot But it's something that the mutants living in Nate Grey's repressive dystopia seem to have forgotten Luckily, Apocalypse and his X-Tracts[...]
Age of X-Meh: Ranking the Age of X-Man So Far [X-ual Healing 4-10-19]
I can't do a mid-event ranking of the Age of X-Man books before getting through the current week's issues, so let's do the recaps first, and then afterward, I'll tell you what I think of the Age of X-Man so far. Sworn to sell comics for Marvel executives who feared and hated the fact that Fox[...]
The X-Men Show Trump How to Do Disaster Relief in Next Week's Marvelous X-Men #3
Take, for instance, the response of the X-Men to a hurricane in the Bahamas in this preview of Age of X-Man: Marvelous X-Men #3… Storm is well-suited to this kind of work, given her control over the weather Though one wonders why she didn't prevent the hurricane in the first place… Regardless, the X-Men are there to[...]
Darkness Shrouds the Returns of Cyclops and Wolverine [X-ual Healing 2-6-19]
And coming back to a world where everything he's ever stood for has been destroyed is a whole new level of suffering for our dear Cyclops, which will, of course, provide the opportunity for his stubborn perseverance to shine. Best part of the comic though: Wolverine referring to the Return of Wolverine mini-series as "some dumb[...]