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Pre-Orders for The Division 2 Will Get You an Second Ubisoft Game Free

When you pre-order a PC copy of The Division 2, you don't just get a copy of The Division. Ubisoft is also giving out a free copy of another Ubi game to PC players. If you get yourself a PC digital version of the game through a Ubisoft partner retailer like the Epic Games Store […]

The Division's 2nd Anniversary Comes with 20 Million Players and New Global Events

Ubisoft's Tom Clancy's The Division has hit its second anniversary, if you can believe it or not, and have made a few announcements about the game to celebrate. The game has passed the 20 million player mark worldwide, which is pretty impressive especially with Rainbow Six Siege passing that marker a year ago. The Tom Clancy series […]

Good News To The Division Fans, You May Be Getting A Sequel

Yesterday, IGN scored an interview with Massive Entertainment's Managing Director David Polfeldt to talk about The Division to talk about their focus on continuing to support the game Near the end of that interview, Polfeldt teased that there may be a sequel on the way! You can check out the full interview here, but below is a[...]

Shadow Of War

PAX Demo: It's Good To Have Friends In High Places In Shadow Of War

One of the things I learned very quickly in my PAX West demo of Middle-earth: Shadow of War was the value of having friends in high places. Quite literally, getting a mission's archers branded to your side is naturally game-changing. Sure, that isn't really news, except that now you can use your shadow strike abilities to pull […]

Ghost Recon: Wildlands' New Update Gives Veteran Players A New Tier 1 Mode

Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment have updated Ghost Recon: Wildlands today to give end-game veteran players something else to do with their time in the fictional narco-state of Bolivia That new challenge is coming in the form of the brand new Tier 1 mode.After maxing out at level 30, players can choose to activate Tier 1[...]

Ubisoft Won't Be Releasing That Avatar Game Any Time Soon

What they didn't include was an update on that Avatar game from Massive Entertainment, which is based on the James Cameron movie and not the Nickelodeon TV show Pretty sure I'd prefer a video game of M Night Shamalyan's The Last Airbender over a game of James Cameron's Avatar, but I'm not the one making[...]

Ghost Recon: Wildlands A Review In Full

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] I've finally managed to get myself through all of Ghost Recon: Wildlands and it only took me about two weeks. And for all that, there's very little in this final review that won't have been brought up in my review in progress from launch day. I'm still terrible at driving, the drone thing is […]

The Division Will Be Getting Two Free Updates This Year

We've just about hit the one year mark for Tom Clancy's The Division and the game's developer Massive is looking to expand the game by releasing two free expansions for the Division in the game's second year. The creative director on the game, Julian Gerighty, spoke with GameRant about the plan in a recent interview. "We are looking […]

James Cameron's Avatar Will Be Getting A Game By Ubisoft

Ubisoft has announced that Massive Entertainment, the developer of The Division, will be working on a game adaptation of Jame's Cameron's Avatar.The game got a rather fancy announcement trailer and will be headed to PC and consoles, though no release date is given yet Most details are rather sketchy, given it's just an announcement of the IP.[embed][/embed] Ubisoft[...]