The Division Will Be Getting Two Free Updates This Year


We've just about hit the one year mark for Tom Clancy's The Division and the game's developer Massive is looking to expand the game by releasing two free expansions for the Division in the game's second year.

The creative director on the game, Julian Gerighty, spoke with GameRant about the plan in a recent interview. "We are looking to reengage the players in light of the first year celebration for The Division by recommitting ourselves to the game in the upcoming 12 months," Gerighty said.

The first year celebration kicks off with a special livestream even for later today. During the livestream, the team at Massive plan to provide details on what to expect in the game's second year including details on those two free expansions. So without spoiling those reveals, Gerighty told GameRant, "the first expansion pack that we'll be focusing on, which will be a pack for summer this year, is really going to continue this philosophy that we put into place with the 1.4 update. It's a philosophy of generosity and rewarding players for spending time in the game and playing and driving them to player-driven activities where they can craft their own unique stories. That's something we really, really believe in."

The expansion should add new events for players to experience PvE content both solo and in co-op. The team's current focus is in providing new challenges for gamers and trying to encourage new ways to play the game. While the focus is on PvE content, it's not as if PvP updates are completely off the table. That focus dovetails nicely with the changes we've seen in the recent update to The Division just a week or so back.

With Destiny 2 on the horizon, Massive has a tough task ahead of them in trying to keep players engaged in The Division rather than shifting back to Bungie's space shooter. That The Division's updates will be free should go a decent way to assuring that.

The full interview can be found here on GameRant. Details on The Division's latest beast of a patch can be found here.

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