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Tyler “Ninja” Blevins Will Host A Masterclass Sessio
Would you like to know how to become a streamer in 30 days? MasterClass will be bringing in a new set of classes hosted by Tyler "Ninja" Blevins The latest entertainment and gaming-themed addition to the subscription service will have the Fortnite streamer talking one-on-one to you In them you will learn from his experience[...]
MasterClass Taps “Reading Rainbow” Host LeVar Burton on Storytelling
On the heels of actor LeVar Burton will guest host Jeopardy at the end of July, he will also be teaching others storytelling for MasterClass and who better than the Reading Rainbow host? The streaming platform where anyone can learn from the world's best across a wide range of subjects made the announcement featuring the[...]
Janna Morishima To Tell Us How to Build a Career as a Comics Creator
Grant's Mimi & Penelope to Scholastic. Janna Morishima To Tell Us How to Build a Career In Kids Comics Next weekend, she is teaching a free three-part masterclass online, starting on Saturday, the 30th of January, focusing on "How to Build a Successful Career as a Comics Creator." It's a preview to the Kids Comics Intensive course[...]
Let's All Read The Dark Matter/Master Class Ashcan From DC Comics Together, Shall We?
Why miss out on the Dark Matter/Masterclass/New Age Of DC Heroes ashcan, showing off all the new characters and comics being created…. DARK NIGHTS: METAL Debuting in August Written by Scott Snyder with art by Greg Capullo It all begins with DARK NIGHTS: METAL, a story that will examine every choice a hero doesn't take and every path they[...]