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Mark Millar's New Netflix Comic With Frank Quitely & Travis Charest
And deservedly so. With artists he has been promising for some time, Frank Quitely, Travis Charest, Olivier Coipel, Matteo Scalera, Matteo Buffagni and Karl Kerschl, all drawing one issue each of the six-issue mini-series, which he is describing as Willy Wonka with super powers And other people are describing as DC's Millenium series from the eighties. "It[...]
Travis Charest, Frank Quitely And More With Mark Millar in 2021/2022
This year that means announcing artists who will be working on new, unknown Millarworld books, owned by Netflix, published by Image Comics, in 2021 and 2022. As well as Mark Millar's own notebooks for The Magic Order vol 3 and 4, based on the TV series he created for Netflix and drawn by Olivier Coipel, Millar[...]
Hunt for Wolverine: Weapon Lost #3 cover by Giuseppe Camuncoli, Roberto Poggi, and Dean White
I'll be back for the finale. Hunt for Wolverine: Weapon Lost #3 art by Matteo Buffagni and Jim Charalampidis I hope that Matteo Buffagni provides more work for Marvel after this story finishes His work is very atmospheric, using detail and shadow to craft an unnerving world where death feels very close to the characters on panel[...]
Hunt for Wolverine: Weapon Lost #1 cover by Greg Land, Jay Leisten, and Romulo Fajardo Jr.
It's structured competently, but it doesn't inspire excitement. Hunt for Wolverine: Weapon Lost #1 art by Matteo Buffagni and Jim Charalampidis What has made this comic worthwhile is the art by Matteo Buffagni This book is gorgeous Shading and lighting is played with skillfully, and Daredevil himself is given many great panels worthy of being turned into[...]
At Least There's No Thinly Veiled Hate Speech in This One: X-Men Blue#1 Review
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Cover by Art Adams & Peter Steigerwald Well, after the week since the release of X-Men Gold #1 and the controversy that the book and big ResurrXion relaunch found itself mired in, it's easy to see how the other books part of this relaunch could find themselves lost in the kerfuffle. It would be a massive[...]