Why We Need a Legitimate "Charlie's Angels 3"

Why We Still Need a Legitimate "Charlie's Angels 3"

Despite being a lighthearted reboot/semi-continuation of the franchise's continuity, there's still a desire for a follow up to the McG films to deliver a proper trilogy.The one thing that many who appreciate the franchise can agree on (or at least illicit more optimism) would be the thought of a film that reunited stars Drew Barrymore,[...]

Someone Found Footage Of Sunsoft's "The Terminator" NES Game

"Terminator" Ranking the Franchise to "Dark Fate" [OPINION]

Directed by McG, Salvation brought Terminator’s future to the present as the human resistance is far from organized Rather than just being an ominous ruthless killing force, McG and writers John Brancato and Michael Ferris put too much thought into what SkyNet is.The film tries to turn one of the film’s main characters in Marcus[...]

Report: 'True Lies' Series Headed to Disney+, Schwarzenegger May Appear

Report: 'True Lies' Series Headed to Disney+, Schwarzenegger May Appear

They were speaking with director McG (the new Charlie's Angels, Netflix's Rim of the World) about his upcoming feature film for Netflix, and he let the news drop that the True Lies tv series is heading to an unlikely home- Disney+.“Well right now my new thing for television is I’m doing True Lies at Disney+[...]


Dontnod Entertainment's Vampyr Optioned for TV Series

It's been announced that Dontnod Entertainment's Vampyr has been picked up by Fox21, with the show being directed by McG.When playing through Vampyr, which I fell in love with, the game's world really did feel like something akin to a TV show The way it revealed itself and the structure of the whole thing seemed perfect[...]

Babysitter Review: Campy Fun, Just Don't Think Too Much

Directed by McG and really known as "that horror film starring Bella Thorne", I had some trepidation going in.What I got was a interesting experience, that is for sure It all starts off pretty easily Cole (Judah Lewis) is a huge dork and a worrier He gets picked on constantly, and he only has two[...]

Masters Of The Universe

Sony's New Masters Of The Universe Movie Gets A Release Date, Kind Of

After a mysterious tweet from questionable website hit earlier this evening, the mediaverse is scrambling to find any kind of sourceable proof this new Masters of The Universe film is happening.'s no secret the project had been in development for awhile, with Charlie's Angels director McG (no really, that's his name) mentioned as on board for the[...]

Clayne Crawford To Play Riggs In Lethal Weapon Pilot

Maureen “Mo” Cahill, a hostage negotiator who also serves as the department’s in-house therapist.The pilot will be directed by McG, but it is unclear if the project will go to series. According to The Hollywood Reporter, 24 veteran Clayne Crawford has joined the cast of Fox's Lethal Weapon pilot as Martin Riggs.Based on the 1987[...]

Fox Orders Lethal Weapon Pilot With Damon Wayans As Murtaugh

Murtaugh, meanwhile, will have recently suffered a mild heart attack and will be under orders to avoid too much stress.Charlie's Angels feature director McG will direct the pilot. Deadline reports that Fox has ordered an hour-long pilot based on the Warner Bros Lethal Weapon film series.Damon Wayans will play Roger Murtaugh, the part originally played[...]

McG In Talks With Sony Regarding Masters Of The Universe

Deadline reports Terminator: Salvation director McG is in talks to direct Masters of the Universe, the second live-action film to spawn from Mattel's He-Man toy line.The first film, 1987's Masters of the Universe, starred Dolph Lundgren as He-Man and Frank Langella as his archenemy Skeletor Produced by Cannon Films on a shoe-string budget, the film[...]

NYCC '15: The Shadow Hunters Panel Recap

By Rich EpsteinABC Family took to New York Comic Con to introduce their new series Shadow Hunters to the world.  Most of the cast was on hand along with executive producer and director of the pilot episode McG and creator of the Mortal Instruments book series, Cassandra Claire.The panel opened with the first six (6)[...]

Elizabeth Banks To Direct Charlie's Angels Reboot

"The studio and producers will begin a search for a writer to tackle the reboot."And while they're at it, she should voice Charlie, keeping a little of the meta-humor that made the 2000 film, directed by McG, fun It, and the 2003 follow-up, Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle, were produced by Drew Barrymore, who also starred[...]

Kevin Costner And Amber Heard Get Up To McG Hijinks In New Trailer For 3 Days To Kill

McG has teamed up with Luc Besson (that, Mr Kevin Bacon, is a real cinematic no-brainer) for the upcoming action picture, 3 Days to Kill Being a Europacorp picture, it will have a decent French release.And thus, this decent French trailer.[youtube][/youtube]3 Days to Kill will roll out in the US on February 21st[...]

When Bleeding Cool Met McG – It Got Kinda Nerdy

I am a fan of McG and his approach crafting a film, if not necessarily a fan of all of his projects To be fair, I don't know that all of them are aimed at me anyway.But I have always respected his craftsmanship Seeing as This Means War is now getting its release in the UK,[...]

New UK Poster, 60-Second Promo And Latest UK Trailer For This Means War

I'm hoping that This Means War provides more evidence for my "McG is good at this stuff" argument - this stuff being splashy, bright and colourful fun I do continue to be a bit confused by the film's sexual politics, but I hope the full film will join those dots in a way that doesn't[...]

Second Shorter Trailer For This Means War

The Singapore office of 20th Century Fox have released an "international" trailer for McG's This Means War It runs considerably shorter than the US cut, and has a slightly different emphasis.I still can't understand how we're supposed to sympathise with or root for Reese Witherspoon's character at all If the script is really up to[...]

This Means War Trailer – Chris Pine Vs. Tom Hardy, All For Reese Witherspoon

But it's good to see that Reese's character is an equal opportunities lover at least.Director McG is pretty dependable with slightly surreal, poppy images and  large scale action sequences, these definitely in comparison to many of his peers, and I like Hardy and Witherspoon a great deal, so.. yeah, I'm looking forward to this one[...]