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Star Wars Black Series Exclusive Hoth Leia and Han Coming Soon

Star Wars Black Series collectors have another exclusive to try and track down. This one however will first be available to international collectors at various cons this fall. Hoth Leia and Hoth Han (in a brown jacket!) will come housed in and cool Hoth tunnel window box package. They are both super-articulated, featuring awesome sculpts […]


Mercenary Hi-jinks And Corporate Conspiracy Run Amok In Northstarr

One of my finds at the recent MCM London Comic Con held at the Excel Exhibition Centre in the London Docklands last weekend was the book of one of the exhibitors close by to me, Madelaine Salvage, called Northstarr. The convention marked Salvage's first show as an exhibitor, and the first outing for her comic. […]

Cosplay at MCM London Comic Con

Our Favorite Cosplay Photos From MCM London Comic Con

Bleeding Cool's own Joe Glass was holding down the fort at The Pride booth at this weekend's MCM London Comic Con, but that doesn't mean he hasn't been taking plenty of shots of the myriad great cosplay that he's seen. From It to Justice League, from Little Shop of Horrors to The Walking Dead. Families […]

MCM London Comic Con – The View From The Comic Village

The weekend just gone saw the MCM London Comic Con event at the Excel Exhibition Centre in the London Docklands. The largest comic con on the UK calendar, and reportedly even one of the largest in the English speaking world, MCM London can be a very promising prospective for the many indie creators on the […]

Seventy-Five Cosplay Shots And A Yeti Video From Friday At MCM London Comic Con

I have to admit, Homestuck Spider-Woman was my favourite. But there was plenty of excellent cosplay on display today at MCM London Comic Con, held at the London Excel Centre this weekend, even for a Friday, Expect two or three times as much tomorrow. The standouts have to be the larger cosplay costumes and the […]

Three British Comic Cons In Three Weekends

It is a little ridiculous. (Photo by Roger Gibson) This weekend is the Bristol Comic Expo, the genetic inheritor of the old UKCAC conventions. With guests such as Alan Davis, Mark Buckingham, Ian Churchill, Mike Carey, John Higgins, Anne Stokes, Gary Erskine, Dylan Teague, Rob Williams, Ian Edginton, Lee Garbett, Neil Edwards, Paul Cornell, David […]

MCM London Expo 2010 – Friday And Most of Saturday

I'm not going to MCM London Expo today. Oh I want to, don't get me wrong, but something (possibly in a bacon sandwich from the Fox pub) has seen me struck down with vomiting, shakes, diarrohea and the rest. Bleeurghh. The Eagle Awards went off well. Damn you CBR! I was very pleased to see […]