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In One Week, In Two Weeks… Meanwhile, Here Come Howard The Duck
Next week sees the launch of Itty Bitty Comics: Grimmiss Island, Batman: Arkham Knight, Detective Comics Endgame, Southern Cross, Spawn Resurrection, Surface, Howard The Duck, Bill And Ted, Hellbreak, Sixth Gun, Ninjak and most importantly, the arrival of the anthology Meanwhile #1 into the USA Very few retailers will have ordered it, yet it brings the[...]
Comic Stores – Do Not Miss Out On Meanwhile #2
The first two issues of the anthology Meanwhile from Soaring Penguin Press came out in the UK last year Featuring the return of Gary Spencer Millidge's Strangehaven and the debut of David Hine and Mark Stafford's The Bad Bad Place, it made an immediate impression on me and I was happy to include it in[...]
Bleeding Cool's 11 Best Comics Of 2014
Meanwhile from Soaring Penguin Press, written and drawn by Various Two issues is enough Meanwhile is an outstanding serialised anthology comic book Its two stars are both location-based comics, creating their own geography It begins with the long awaited return of Strangehaven by Gary Spencer Millidge, an intense multilayered village now dealing with the possibility that[...]
Swag! Christmas 2014 Edition From Hannah And Rich
Why not share the joy and/or jealousy? Rich says: A very big Little Nemo comic, a much smaller but just as welcome second issue of Meanwhile well ahead of sale date and a Joker key ring whose feet light up. For my girls it has been a very Minecraft Christmas… While Judge Dredd watches the proceedings… Hannah says: While not all[...]
If You Only Order One Comic For February…
…then you're really not much of a comic book fan are you? But you should consider adding this to your pull list, as Meanwhile #1 is now going to be distributed to US stores through Diamond Comic Distributors (some UK stores will already have their copy). Yes, it's $7.95 but suck it up A colour anthology features[...]
The Return Of Meanwhile And The Return Of Strangehaven, Reviewed
He began publishing an anthology that was far better than mine, called Meanwhile.. It looked a bit like this. It had the great and the good of the London comics scene – and beyond, thanks to John's Canadian connections. Two decades later and it has returned, from John Anderson's Soaring Penguin Press, one of the new wave[...]
David Hine And Mark Stafford Launch The Bad Bad Place, For Meanwhile
He also wrote and drew Strange Embrace decades ago – and wrote The Man Who Laughs with Mark Stafford. And now they are teaming up again for a new graphic novel, The Bad Bad Place, to be serialised in the Meanwhile graphic anthology, joining the likes of Strangehaven, and published by the graphic-novel-publisher-one-hundred-metres-from-my-house, Soaring Penguin Press[...]