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Swag! Christmas 2014 Edition From Hannah And Rich

We have a fair amount of geek swag to show off for Christmas, as I'm sure many of our readers do as well. Why not share the joy and/or jealousy?

Rich says:

A very big Little Nemo comic, a much smaller but just as welcome second issue of Meanwhile well ahead of sale date and a Joker key ring whose feet light up.

imageFor my girls it has been a very Minecraft Christmas…

imageWhile Judge Dredd watches the proceedings…

imageHannah says:

While not all of these are my gifts, I'll give a household round up. And yes, I probably single-handedly keep Funko in business.

IMG_8795You shall not pass! Don't use this pen for taking exams…

IMG_8796Also, there's a marathon of Batman '66 on today on IFC…

IMG_8797This joins my Hikari Batman. Batman and Frankenstein–that would be a cool team up.

IMG_8798Yep, I'm very crushy about John Snow…

IMG_8808I'll even wear him on a shirt.

IMG_8799This wins as my favorite gift. It CHANGES to Hydra when hot liquids are poured into it.

IMG_8800There's actually a lot of extra material in these about plot-lines, different covers, unfinished sketch art and such. Plus the art just looks gorgeous in this format.

IMG_8801Grumpy Yoda will hit you with his little plastic lightsaber….awwwwww.

IMG_8802  IMG_8803IMG_8804

A parade of POPs. All ready for stubby-armed combat.

IMG_8805Because sitting through the recent finale of the series for hours wasn't enough. Sadly, I'm serious.

IMG_8806Probably the classiest gift I received, which I may well read over a large glass of:

IMG_8807Perfect for a geek Christmas finale.

Merry Christmas to all you Bleeders from Hannah and Rich!

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