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London Toy Fair 2023
But there was a lot to fun to be had in and around the Stranger Things license from Mighty Jaxx, who have a very fun and wide line of other stuff too Staffed by former employees of Eaglemoss, these are people who know their stuff and know just what to play with at Toy Fair. Hasbro[...]
Artistic Back to the Future x YARMS Figures Debut from Mighty Jaxx
Coming to us from Mighty Jaxx, Marty McFly, and Doc Brown return to the Twin Pines Mall with a special set of vinyl art figures The figures feature a slick and sleek sculpt with both Back to the Future characters are depicted in their iconic outfits Marty McFly is holding a camcorder, and Doc Brown[...]
Looney Tunes Get Anatomical with New Mighty Jaxx Statues
Mighty Jaxx is stepping it up a notch and ready to go more than skin deep with their newest statues These anatomic statues showcase not just for favorite Looney Tunes but what their bone structure would be like Two Looney Tunes are coming out as Marvin the Martian and Tweeter Bird are here for your[...]
The Coolest And Weirdest DC Figures You Will Ever See From Mighty Jaxx
They sure are different! Mighty Jaxx has revealed the three figures that will make up Wave 7 of their XXRAY DC Comics figures These things are pretty spiffy! Looks like the wave will be made up of Catwoman, Supergirl, and Damian Wayne Robin. Wave 7 of our XXRAY DC Comics characters is finally ready to see[...]
Kidrobot Gives Us A Deeper Look Inside Superheroes…Literally
Mighty Jaxx has done it again Together with Jason Freeny, the duo has taken an XXRay look at Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman to form a different kind of series to add to your collection. Featuring award winning artist Jason Freeny's trademark style of dissection, the DC Comics XXRay Figures are the debut XXRay collectibles from Mighty Jaxx[...]