The Coolest And Weirdest DC Figures You Will Ever See From Mighty Jaxx


I must confess I had never seen these before. They sure are different! Mighty Jaxx has revealed the three figures that will make up Wave 7 of their XXRAY DC Comics figures. These things are pretty spiffy! Looks like the wave will be made up of Catwoman, Supergirl, and Damian Wayne Robin.

Wave 7 of our XXRAY DC Comics characters is finally ready to see the light. Featuring the alluring and feisty Catwoman, the ever-most dainty and powerful teenager—Supergirl as well as the charismatic and amiable Robin, this ultimate trio will definitely form your dream team today!

Establishing himself as Batman's protégé, Robin is an exceptional martial artist and astounding acrobat! He provides a beacon of hope through the Dark Knight's grim crusade.

Catwoman is a master acrobat and an expert at breaking and entering. Her stealthy ninja skills help transform her cat burglary into an art form. Guided by her own moral compass, she might just steal your wallet if you cross her path!

It's not a bird, plane or Superman this time… It's Supergirl! Much like her cousin, she possesses superhuman senses, flight and invulnerability. This powerful teenager is back to inspire other teen girls and capture the hearts of everyone as she battles villains and struggles to find her identity in our human world.

On top of these new figures, Mighty Jaxx also offers other DC characters like Zoom, Green Arrow, Lex Luthor, Yellow Lantern Batman, and Shazam. Other licences include Adventure Time and Looney Tunes as well. These are pretty unique looking, obviously they are different than most things you will find in stores. But they have a charm to them, and they are not all that gruesome. And at $19.99 these are pretty reasonably priced as well. If these are your thing, you can order them right here.

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