Mike Wolfer To Launch Daughters Of The Dark Oracle

Indy horror creator Mike Wolfer has built his reputation on books like Night Of The Living Dead, Friday the 13th, Lady Death, Gravel and Stitched as well as his own creation Ragdoll. Now he is starting up Mike Wolfer Entertainment and has announced the first release: Daughters Of The Dark Oracle.

Set in 1877, Daughters is a string of interconnected mini-series featuring vampires, werewolves, and other nightmarish creatures of legend. The star of the series is Ragdoll, a Frankenstein's monster creation whose horrifying acts of vengeance against those responsible for the murders of the original owners of her composite parts will draw together the "Daughters," and lead to the unveiling of fresh, modern interpretations of centuries-old legends. The first, four-issue, Daughters mini-series, sub-titled "The Curse of Ragdoll," introduces Ragdoll, as well as Countess Bathory, the Wolfwoman, Kýma the Siren, and others, and establishes the 19th century European setting, a time when women did not enjoy the freedoms and equality that are basic human- or inhuman- rights.

Although the story is firmly entrenched in the conventions of the Gothic horror genre with its visceral and unflinching juxtaposition of sex and death, the most important sub-textual question each of the "Daughters" must ask themselves is, "Despite possessing a supernatural origin and nature, what does it truly mean to be human?" It is the exploration of that theme that gives Daughters of the Dark Oracle a depth beyond the exterior, exploitation elements. Defining one's humanity is particularly difficult for Ragdoll, who is an amalgamation of many women from various walks of life and social stations, whose memories and souls are a part of her being. In the opening Daughters mini-series, Ragdoll begins her quest for revenge against one murderer after another, guided by the spirits of the dead who drive her and lead her to her quarry. Once their sins have been exposed by Ragdoll, each fiend faces a most fitting, and often ironic end, and it is this tongue-in-cheek levity in the face of abject terror that gives the series its unique, fun feel. But how and why Ragdoll was created, and how she acquired her unearthly, supernatural control of the elements will be her true quest, a story that will unfold with each successive Daughters of the Dark Oracle mini-series.

Daughters of the Dark Oracle: The Curse of Ragdoll #1 (of 4) hits comic stores in July 2015, and can be found under the Mike Wolfer Entertainment heading in Diamond Comic Distributors' May Previews catalog. More information is available at www.facebook.com/thecurseofragdoll, and graphic novels, art prints, t-shirts and more are available at www.ragdollonline.com.

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