Boundless, And Lady Death Return To Avatar Press – And Take To Kickstarter With Massive Rewards

Lady Death: Apocalypse #1 is currently funding as a 40 page full color comic on Kickstarter.

You heard that right.

Both the Boundless imprint at Avatar, previous home to the Lady Death comics and others, and the Lady Death comic itself are returning. Avatar Press have set up a modest Kickstarter goal, which they are certain to blow past in the first few days of funding, and have set up rather fully stocked Kickstarter reward packages for backers.


A publisher has a unique position when they choose to take up a Kickstarter campaign in that they already have the stock and mechanisms to produce results more easily and quickly, as shown in this campaign's promise that the fulfilled Kickstarter packages, including the comic, of course, will be delivered in February, rather than taking a year or more as many Kickstarters do to reach completion of product. There's also the easy access to past Lady Death material to help create reward packages that speak to an established fanbase.

Lady Death: Apocalypse #1 will be written by Mike Wolfer, and feature the fully painted artwork of Marc Borstel as well as cover artists who have previously featured on Boundless books including cover artists Boundless has always been known for including Matt Martin, Juan Jose Ryp, Renato Camilo,  Michael DiPascale, Richard Ortiz, and many more.


The campaign describes issue #1, which contains a "story so far" recap for new readers and moves onto brand new storytelling, thus:

 Much has changed during Lady Death's absence from the Under Realm, most notably the near-extinction of the warrior class Demons. What devastating effects the demon annihilation will have on the Under Realm remains to be seen, but Hope cannot stand-by idly as a convoy of enslaved demons rolls through the night toward its captives' oblivion. As her plans of rising to power depend on the loyal foot-soldiers she abandoned, now she must rescue them at all cost.  The biggest Lady Death epic to date kicks off here!

What also makes this Kickstarter unique, aside from its quick fulfillment date, is the fact that it's being treated more as a pre-order system than many other Kickstarters in that reward packages start as low as $15.00 for digital editions of 13 comics, making it accessible to fans.

Check out the trailer for Lady Death: Apocalypse here:

And make sure to have a look at the packages available to see what might be tailored most to your needs as a fan.

The campaign launched today, November 3rd and will run until December 5th.

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