President Trump Talk Wonder Woman in Doomsday Clock #11

Is This Why Legion Of Super-Heroes: Millennium Feels Like House Of X #2? (Spoilers)

And may still be present in the upcoming Legion Of Super-Heroes: Millennium and what Bleeding Cool has referred to as 5G, a major planned DC Comics event. Reading Legion Of Super-Heroes: Millennium #1 today, I couldn't help be struck by similarities between the story of Rose of Rose And Thorn, and that of Moira MacTaggert.Moira MacTaggert lives her life,[...]

DC Reveals Interior Pages, Character Designs for Legion of Superheroes: Millennium

DC Reveals Interior Pages, Character Designs for Legion of Super-Heroes: Millennium

As the world awaits the return of the Legion of Super-Heroes, DC Comics has released a veritable buttload of artwork from the upcoming Legion of Super-Heroes: Millennium mini-series written by "The Great One" Brian Bendis Amongst the artwork revealed are the cover for Legion of Super-Heroes: Millennium #2, interior art from Legion of Super-Heroes: Millennium[...]

Lore Season 2: Amazon Renews Real Life Horror Podcast Adaptation

Sean Crouch (Fox' The Exorcist, CBS' Numbers) will be taking over as showrunner from The X-Files vet Glen Morgan (Millennium). “With Sean Crouch at the helm, Lore is set to be scarier than ever In Season 2, we will explore global, real-life horror stories that make this series unlike anything else on television We are thrilled[...]

A Brand New Sequel To Stieg Larsson's Millennium, In Comic Books

The DC Comics Vertigo adaptation of the Millennium trilogy didn't end up making much of a wave after its initial publication in 2012 and petered out into 2015.The French adaptation from Dupuis however seemed to fare a lot better So much so that it is spinning off into new material starring Mikael Blomkvist and Salander.While there[...]

Dragon Tattoo Sequels Might Be Rewritten To Get Rid Of Pricey Daniel Craig

Despite Stieg Larsson's Millennium trilogy really revolving around the author-surrogate character of Mikael Blomkvist, rumours are afoot that Sony could have the character written out of the sequels They want to produce these things to a particular budget and Daniel Craig's request for a raise is making that hard.On the other hand, The Hollywood Reporter note that Steven[...]

If David Fincher Gets To Make The Millennium Sequels, He'll Shoot Them Back To Back

The chief US press conference for The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo was held yesterday, and it allowed the ever future-focused blogosphere to get a hold of some sequel-centric bits and pieces.Daniel Craig and Rooney Mara are both signed on to return should Sony greenlight adaptations of the remaining two Millennium novels, but director David[...]