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The Miracles To Appear in Donny Cates and Geoff Shaw's Crossover
Comic book artist Vince Underwood tweeted last week "If THE MIRACLES gets funded and it's a real comic book… can I then beg @Doncates to put Elliot in the background in Crossover I mean, it's ALL OF COMICS, right?" Donny Cates replied "Consider it done Shoot me a DM." Crossover is the new Image Comics series by[...]
Under the Hex of Secrets, The Miracles on Kickstarter
Joe Glass, former reporter for Bleeding Cool and creator of The Pride, currently being collected by Dark Horse, talks about his new project, Miracles, on Kickstarter He writes; Families are important There are of course families of all kinds, and those that we find rather than are born into or raised in, but family, whatever our[...]