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PrintWatch: Seconds For Miracleman, Kaya, Dark Ride & Miss Meow
Titan Comics' Gun Honey Blood For Blood #2 gets seconds as do IDW's Earthdivers #1 and Merc's Miss Meow #3 and #4 and Deathrage #4. PrintWatch: KAYA #1 2ND PTG IMAGE COMICS AUG228613 (W) Wes Craig (A/CA) Wes Craig A jam-packed series premiere with 31 gorgeous story pages, plus bonus material and a Jack Kirby-inspired variant cover by DEADLY CLASS[...]
PrintWatch: We are getting a third printing of Miss Meow #1, and second printings of Midnight Suns #1, End After End #1, Briar #1, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #100, Born of Blood #1, Deathrage #1, 2 and #3, Miss Meow #1 and #2, Create-A-Comic #1 and Sabrina Anniversary Spectacular #1 Here come the solicits The[...]
Vault Comics July 2022 Solicits
And it follows up Miss Meow #2 by Murphey and Nahuel Lopez Murphey is COO and editor-in-chief of Merc Publishing and Aaron Sparrow is their Lead Editor & Creative Director and formerly of Darkwing Duck at Boom Studios and then IDW Merc Publishing is the latest publisher to be distributed by Lunar Distribution Will they[...]
Miss Meow #2 Comic Gets Squid Game Cover Variant
But the cheesecake comic Miss Meow from publisher Merc Magazine created by comics cover artist Jamie Tyndall Merc Magazine was initially a fictional magazine he created to appear in his anti-heroes covers Now, it's an actual publisher And Miss Meow is the first of a line of comic books told in magazine form, the first[...]