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Liquid Media Group's $4.0 Million Dollar Direct Offering Deal
This might be an alright stock to invest in, as Liquid Media has started to venture into the world of mobile gaming, with games such as History Channels Ancient Aliens But be advised, their stock did dip 47% a mere week ago. Liquid Media Group Ltd has announced that they have entered into an agreement[...]
We Get A Preview Of Additions Coming To "Madden NFL 20" At EA Play
What companies like 2K and Electronic Arts need to do is just treat their signature titles like the way gaming companies program MMORPGs and mobile gaming apps: survive on a freemium or subscription model. credit//EA Sports What features do you have to introduce every single year to justify having gamers pay for the physical copy every year?[...]
Terra Battle Is A Forward-Thinking RPG
By Sage Ashford I'll admit that when Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi announced that his studio Mistwalker's next project, Terra Battle, would be another mobile title, I was beyond skeptical: I was flat out uninterested.  I've long been a detractor of mobile gaming, if only because its more lucrative claws have lured away so many classic[...]
Console Gaming: Dooooomed?
It's unfortunate, but I think that in this instant gratification era we live in, people are all too quick to state their opinion one way or another on subjects that they really don't have all the facts on.  So it is with the subject of the future of console gaming. To game enthusiasts, whether they be[...]