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Modern Wolf and Afterschool Studio revealed this past week that their new strategy game Cantata is headed for Steam's Early Acces this May This game is a character-driven tactical strategy title that will put you in the unfavorable spot of being in the middle of a spiritual war of survival You will have the chance[...]
Multiplayer Brawler Title Skeleton Crew Coming To PC In June
Developer Cinder Cone and publisher Modern Wolf announced that their multiplayer brawler Skeleton Crew will be released in June The game has a bit of a throwback feeling to Ghosts 'N Goblins, as you'll be making your way across haunted levels with all sorts of creates that go bump in the night trying to stop[...]
Bill Nighy Joins Kosmokrats & Reveals November Release Date
Modern Wolf and developer Pixel Delusion revealed today that actor Bill Nighy has joined onto their upcoming game Kosmokrats What's more, he helped reveal the game's official release date with a new trailer as the game will be released on November 5th, 2020 With the Earth not doing so well, it's time to get the[...]
"Necronator: Dead Wrong" Gets A New Trailer Prior To Release
Toge Productions and Modern Wolf have released a brand new trailer for Necronator: Dead Wrong before the game is released on Steam on February 13th The game will have you discovering how much potential you have to be a supervillain, as you will collect and deploy undead units and build an army to conquer all[...]
"Ostranauts" Receives A New Gameplay Trailer
Blue Bottle Games and Modern Wolf released a new gameplay trailer this week for Ostranauts as we get a look inside the ship you have The RPG simulator will have you running a space station during a dystopian era, forcing you to make some wise choices for yourself and all who live there Enjoy the[...]
"Necronator: Dead Wrong" Will Officially Launch In February 2020
Toge Productions and Modern Wolf revealed this week that Necronator: Dead Wrong will be headed to Steam in February 2020 The game is a comedic micro RTS title with a bit of deck-building to it It's been getting a little bit of buzz but we haven't seen a ton of the game yet You can[...]