Bill Nighy Joins Kosmokrats & Reveals November Release Date

Modern Wolf and developer Pixel Delusion revealed today that actor Bill Nighy has joined onto their upcoming game Kosmokrats. What's more, he helped reveal the game's official release date with a new trailer as the game will be released on November 5th, 2020. With the Earth not doing so well, it's time to get the hell out of dodge and go find somewhere else to practice poor politics as you venture into space and explore the unknown. While also building a bunch of stuff and trying to tell people you're the best whether you end up. You can read more on this fun sci-fi adventure title below along with the latest trailer!

Are you ready to know what music sounds like in space, comrade? Courtesy of Modern Wolf.
Are you ready to know what music sounds like in space, comrade? Courtesy of Modern Wolf.

Kosmokrats follows the story of a humble potato peeler whose duties are suddenly upgraded to 'comrade drone pilot' to begin assembling and building space stations in a series of construction solving missions. Be careful not to crush too many cosmonauts or to destroy the all-important potato resources, or Drone Pilot Supervisor Boris will never finish his paperwork…
Game features:

  • Build a mighty fleet: Use the most cutting edge drone technology of the 1960s to master the puzzle-like process of assembling spaceships in orbit: simply push and pull the spaceship parts together in zero gravity. Just make sure you're lining up the right connectors, comrade. And don't take too long. Or squish too many brave cosmonauts.
  • Live a heroic narrative: The story of the people's colonization of the solar system and beyond is full of interesting characters and even more interesting decisions! No two play-throughs will be the same, and every action you take — from accidentally killing cosmonauts in "workplace incidents" to failing to correctly assemble spaceships — will have repercussions that you and the fleet will feel sooner or later.
  • Become a citizen of the stars: In Kosmokrats you will earn medals to display in your awards cabinet, read the very accurate Official Party newspaper, entertain yourself between missions with your state-of-the-art Я-Box games console, adjust the game's difficulty level with the help of vodka, and more.

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