Cantata Will Be Released For Early Access This May

Modern Wolf and Afterschool Studio revealed this past week that their new strategy game Cantata is headed for Steam's Early Acces this May. This game is a character-driven tactical strategy title that will put you in the unfavorable spot of being in the middle of a spiritual war of survival. You will have the chance to play as one of the nine commanding officers with their own unique abilities and powers from one of the three factions. Those factions are the Machines, the Humans, or the Aliens. It will be up to you to use everything at your disposal to keep a grip on the alien world you're fighting over and command it. You can check out the trailer below to see what it will play like, as it will be released on May 12th, 2022.

Promo artwork for Cantata, courtesy of Modern Wolf.
Promo artwork for Cantata, courtesy of Modern Wolf.

Every map you play on holds secrets you'll need to spend time to seek out and find. This isn't a puzzle game, you'll need to do proper reconnaissance to determine the best route across the landscape to your opponent. Once you find it, do you take the most direct route or do you circle them, opening yourself up to the opportunity to see what really was just beyond those mountains. Each game you'll start with a small base and a couple of units. Every turn you have the ability to build up your base more and more, giving you the ability to build more complex unit types. But watch out! Your base is also your supply network. If a crucial building gets destroyed, it may take down your whole supply chain and force you to rebuild to adapt to the new circumstances.

You'll face off against the other factions as you play through the campaign, but the planet of Shoal isn't one to let you idly move across its surface. Just like any other player, the planet itself takes a turn every round, giving it the ability to fight back against the war on its surface with weather, fauna, and other mysteries. Every map that you'll play in the game will be made with the game's level editor that will be available to any player to use as well, day one! Go beyond simple level creation and import your own sprites to create your own units and effects and use the editor's simple triggering system to build the map (or game!) of your dreams!

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