Sana Amanat and Margeret Stohl Talk Civil War 2 Aftermath On Marvel Live Stream

Left to right: Host Dude, Sana Amanat, Fusion Writer

Earlier today, we reported on pretty much the only news to come out of the twenty minutes we spent watching and taking notes on Marvel's Civil War 2 live stream event on ABC: the revelation that Marvel hasn't announced all the X-Men and Inhumans books they have planned for after Inhumans vs. X-Men yet. Beyond that, it was mostly hype without much new information, but Marvel editor Sana Amanat and The Mighty Captain Marvel writer Margeret Stohl did have a lot of insight and commentary on what the immediate future of the Marvel Universe looks like.

A major theme of the conversation was Marvel's young heroes. Amanat talked about how the young heroes look up to the older heroes, and now they have to process the fact that all of them are acting like jackasses and fighting each other in the service of a super-mega-crossover event sequel (paraphrased). This idea leads into Champions, the hip young superhero comic by hip young creative team Mark Waid and Humberto Ramos. Or at least, it would have led into it, if Civil War 2 were capable of coming out on time.

There was also lots of talk about "strong women" from The Mighty Captain Marvel writer Margeret Stohl. "Strong women get a lot of flack," she said of the reaction Carol is getting for her fascist policies during the super-mega-crossover event, attempting to punish heroes for crimes they may commit according to visions of the future from Inhuman Ulysses. Stohl looks forward to exploring how Carol will repair her relationships in time for them to be broken again during the next hereos vs. heroes super-mega-crossover event.

"It seems like there's an expectation for her to be a lot more emotional," Amanat said of the reaction of other heroes to Carol's actions during Civil War 2. "Maybe it's because she's a woman."

"Carol is a tough cookie," said Stohl. "You're going to see her shouldering a lot of the heavy work that's going to be going on in the Marvel world over the next few months."

"In her head, she's not gonna go cry about it and be emotional," Amanat added. "She needs to get the job done."

Stohl also had praise for Amanat, saying, "It's great to have another strong woman to talk through these issues with," and noting that, "Sana came to marvel and it changed in five years from 0 female led titles to 23. That's one person making a huge difference."

Margeret Stohl, Live Via Satellite

For Kamala Khan in Ms. Marvel, the future will be about breaking away from Carol's legacy. "So much of her life has been determined by what her hero has done, what Carol Danvers has done, now it's really time for her to figure out who she is," Amanat said said. "It seems like it comes out of a place for anger, but the timing is right for her to go off on her own."

Amanat also talked a little bit about Alpha Flight, who will be a big part of the Marvel storyline going forward. "They are now the official Earth's first line of defense," she said, though she promised that Puck and Sasquatch are still on the team, respecting its Canadian roots.

And then there's Hawkeye. "I'm very excited about [Hawkeye]," said Amanat of the upcoming comic from Kelly Thompson and Leonardo Romero. "It is Hawkeye through the eyes of Kate Bishop, who really thinks she's the real Hawkeye. Kelly Thompson pitched me this really great idea of her as a private investigator in LA." Amanat described the book as "the superhero world meets Veronica Mars," and "a beautiful, visual experience of LA."


Finally, Amanat discussed Marvel's plans to combat event fatigue: by immediately kicking off another super-mega-crossover event in the form of Monsters Unleashed! "After an event like this, you need a little bit of a breather," she explained. "The younger heroes will go off on their own and tell their own story. With all this intensity there is a desire for some lightness, and nothing brings the heroes of the Marvel Universe together like a bunch of monsters to fight." Amanat hyped Kid Kaiju, the new teen hero that will emerge during Monsters Unleashed, as a character to watch.


Stohl is also looking forward to Monsters Unleashed, and taking a break from the heavy superhero on superhero drama of Civil War 2. "Carol Danvers is my favorite Marvel character because she's so freaking hilarious," said Stohl of the hero who started a war that has resulted in two major character deaths (ha ha ha). "A lot of Marvel writers are happy to let the human side and fun come back front and center."

What can we expect from the final issue of Civil War 2, ostensibly scheduled for this month as long as everyone is able to hit their deadlines?

"A lot of explosions, and tiny heroes over the capitol" said Amanat, refusing to reveal anything besides the image on the screen.


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