Who Is Kid Kaiju And What Secrets Does He Hold For Marvel's Monsters Unleashed?


Yesterday, Newsarama published an article with the headline: "Could MONSTERS UNLEASHED All Be The Fault Of This New Character?" We asked ourselves: could this article be more clickable? If an article with a question in the headline generates so many clicks, how much more clickable would an article which consisted entirely of nothing but questions be? Wouldn't it be worth a try to find out?

So is Kid Kaiju – real name, Kei Kawade – responsible for Monsters Unleashed? Did he first appear in Totally Awesome Hulk #3? Could his powers of making any monster come to life just by drawing them be the source of eponymous monsters in the super-mega-crossover event? Could even superstar writer Cullen Bunn be coaxed into joining in the question-asking fun? Did he say these things to Newsarama while describing what the heroes of the Marvel Universe would want to know after learning about Kid Kaiju?

What are the limits? Can Kei summon heroes as easily as he summons monsters? Can he banish monsters as easily as he summons them? What happens if he draws Fin Fang Foom as a dead creature?

Will we find out the answers to these and many more questions when Monsters Unleashed hits stores on January 18th with super cool launch parties whose favors include post cards, a special Art Adams variant cover, and a Monsters Unleashed Sketch Pad? If we wrote all of our articles in the form of questions, would we ever have to do any actual journalism? Do we ever? Does anyone?


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