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Here's a look at the key art for the Doctor Who Lockdown song, courtesy of Doctor Who Lockdown.
Kicking things off at 8 pm British Standard Time (3 pm Eastern Time in the United States), Cook was joined by former series music composer Murray Gold, episode director Farren Blackburn, Head of Millennium FX Kate Walsh, and actor Chris Anderson (The Chorister) to offer their personal perspectives and insights into the episode. Here's a look at[...]
Doctor Who - Rings of Akhaten Lockdown Rewatch Art
Joining the livetweet will be former series music composer Murray Gold Episode director Farren Blackburn and Kate Walsh, the Head of Millennium FX, the Special Effects house that handled the CGI FX for the episode will also be live-tweeting. Doctor Who – Rings of Akhaten Lockdown Rewatch Art No one has unified the 21st Century version of[...]
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I miss that sense of epic, poetic romance in the writing for the 13th Doctor's first series. BBC Let's Not Forget Murray Gold Murray Gold's music defined Capaldi's time as much as Capaldi and Moffat did Gold's classical compositions, which drew on Mozart, Brahms, Beethoven and modern Jazz, created the bombast, humour, heroism, sadness, romance and epic grandeur of[...]
Doctor Who Series 11: The 13th Doctor's Theme and The Sound of "New Who"
Murray Gold became the composer for the show over its next ten series, creating not just music cues but also entire orchestral suites and symphonies the way composers like John Williams and Howard Shore composed for big Hollywood epics like Star Wars and Lord of the Rings Gold's music often did the emotional heavy-lifting for[...]
A Brief Musical Tour Of Doctor Who – Look! It Moves! By Adi Tantimedh
And the music has become as much a major character in the show as the people in it. Composer Murray Gold is the most underrated and unsung hero of the show, having been there at the start of the 2005 revival of the show under Russell T Davies' run and continuing to the present day, composing[...]