"Doctor Who": "Everybody Lives, Rose! Just This Once, Everybody Lives!" – The Doctor's Best Speeches: Part 1 [Video]

We kind of saw this coming. The BBC released a Doctor Who video compilation of our TARDIS traveller's best speeches – and it's actually a half-hour long. Pretty impressive running time for what's billed as "Part 1".

The Doctor always made speeches. As a patrician authority figure, the character was pretty much built to do that: the "reassuring one"… the one who comes in and saves the day… the one whose presence means things will be okay.

The Doctor is a hero, after all.

I was a bit surprised by this video. I thought the clips would be in chronological order. It begins with the 9th Doctor's recorded speech to Rose in the first new series' finale. That was normal enough. It's slightly dismaying to realise this new version of the show has been around for 14 years. That means I forgot about the episode "The Satan Pit", from which the second clip was taken. I didn't find that episode terribly memorable personally. That's why I didn't remember it.

Poetry and Emotion

Hm, there's the 11th Doctor's melancholy speech about his memories from "The Rings of Akhaten" with the choral accompaniment of Murray Gold's score. There's the 12th Doctor's first big speech about being the man who fights the monsters. Then it jumps ahead to Series 11 to highlight the 13th Doctor's speech about Love.

Next, we jump back in time to the 1st Doctor's most memorable speech where he beseeches his granddaughter Susan to lay down roots and build a future with her new love while he continues his travels alone.

Then we jump ahead again to the 12th Doctor's speech about war, possibly the greatest and most heartbreaking speech the show ever made. It's probably Steven Moffat's greatest speech, with its multiple layers of meaning and emotion.

And then we get Martha Jones getting the 10th Doctor to reminisce about Gallfrey, a lament about homesickness and loss. Russell T. Davies kicked off the style of the Doctor's speeches for the new show. It's about poetry and emotion. Moffat took up that mantle and took it further. Of course, there's the 11th Doctor's rock star speech about the Pandorica.

And finally, there's the 12th Doctor's final dying speech that he makes for his successor. Moffat's final speech is the second best and most heartbreaking, a mission statement and a farewell before Jodie Whittaker and new showrunner Chris Chibnall took over.

Doctor Who

It's all here. The quiet melancholy of Christopher Eccleston's 9th Doctor. The cheeky, irreverent barnstorming of David Tennant's 10th Doctor. The surreal sense of both a young man and wizened old man in Matt Smith's face and body. Moffat saved the best speeches for Peter Capaldi. He seemed particularly inspired by Capaldi to push the melancholy poetry of the Doctor's speeches and thought process.

The real unsung hero during Davies and Moffat's run is composer Gold. His music always accompanied the Doctor's speeches perfectly, whether it's the moment is loud and bombastic or quiet and sad.

I wonder what's going to be in Part 2…

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