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Wyrd Games Reveals Nightmare Edition For Malifaux, The Other Side
This year, Wyrd is going all-out once again, this time integrating support for The Other Side into their Nightmare Edition box! An angled shot of the Nightmare Edition box for Deepest Depths, a set containing Neverborn Master character Nekima and her Nephilim in Malifaux, and various models from the Gibbering Hordes faction in The Other Side[...]
Wyrd Games Announces New Limited Zoraida Box Sculpts For Malifaux
Wyrd Games, a tabletop game design company based in Marietta, GA, has taken note of this and has announced the next Rotten Harvest sculpts, which feature Zoraida the Hag and her crew for Malifaux. The front of the box for Toil And Trouble, the Rotten Harvest limited-edition sculpts for Zoraida, a Neverborn/Bayou Master from Wyrd Games' tabletop[...]
Wyrd Games Shows Off New Malifaux Master Title For The Dreamer
That's right, Wyrd Games has released the stat card for The Dreamer, Insomniac! The art for The Dreamer, Insomniac, a new title for the Neverborn Master Image attributed to Malifaux Third Edition, by Wyrd Games. The Dreamer, Insomniac, feels like he has a higher learning curve than his traditional, title-less counterpart There is a lot of juggling[...]