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Signs Of Secret Wars Across The Marvel Universe Today

Signs Of Secret Wars Across The Marvel Universe, Today

But could there already be signs? Let's have a look at today's New Avengers, Captain America & The Mighty Avengers, Scarlet Spider, Spider-Man 2099, Nova and Daredevil Minor spoilers ahead...We have a Battleworld coming, this time rather than being comprised of various world, this one is composed of various realities of the multiverse And we've[...]

Time Runs Out &#8211 And Blows Up Squadron Supreme (UPDATE)

Time Runs Out – And Blows Up Squadron Supreme (UPDATE)

It's all the same thing now really.Now, where were we? Oh yes....Here's a look ahead at the Time Runs Out issues of Avengers and New Avengers, in which the stories jump forward Eight Months Later.So what do we know? Well, both Unworthy Thor and Hawkeye appear to have lost an arm now, replaced by a[...]

When Comic Book Characters Moan About Their Own Storylines

When Comic Book Characters Moan About Their Own Storylines

The Beast is complaining to himself in New Avengers.That's his future self that is And yes, it does address a rather glaring plot point between this book and the events in All-New X-Men.And even in space, you can't get away...Why, Nova, you are here to entertain! Jump, insect, jump! Dance for our entertainment! And never[...]

When Jessica Drew Threw Up In The Bathroom And Tom Brevoort Forgot

When Jessica Drew Threw Up In The Bathroom And Tom Brevoort Forgot

In New Avengers #45 And even in House Of M, it seems that it the skrull Veranke was still posing as Jessica Drew, even in the altered continuity Look.Confirmed in the preamble...Who edited that comic again?Back to Tumblr! Tom New Avengers 45 dealt with Veranke in House Of M as Jessica and how her and the[...]

A New Justice League For The New Avengers

A New Justice League For The New Avengers

The Squadron Supreme created by Roy Thomas and John Buscema (and recreated by Mark Gruenwald), was pretty much note for note - and we've even seen their Superman-alike Hyperion join the Avengers recently.But in this week's New Avengers, Marvel took that a step further.Sam Gavin summarises for Bleeding Cool,The story starts off with Black Panther telling Namor[...]

Forty-Seven Thoughts About Forty-Seven Comics &#8211 Aquaman Nova Avengers World Pandora My Little Pony Batwoman Iron Man New Avengers X-Men Harley Quinn Aphrodite IX Undertow Suicide Squad Suicide Risk Star Wars Wonder Woman Terminator Buffy Daredevil Uncanny X-Men Superior Spider-Man Superman Unleashed Ms Marvel Loki Okko Samurai Jack Witcher Utrom Empire Supergirl Sex Criminals Adventure Time Clockwork Angels Cure A Voice In The Dark BPRD White Suits Skyman Zero Dark Horse Presents Transformers  Magic Illegitimates GI Joe Fuse Lazarus And Rocket Girl

So&#8230 Is That What The Original Sin Was

So… Is That What The Original Sin Was?

Avengers #29, an Original Sin tie-in, goes back to some earlier Jonathan Hickman plots for the Illuminati. The Illuminati, a secret cabal of the Marvel Universe's greatest minds, was brought together for a single purpose – to protect the world from the threat of multiversal armageddon. But to save our entire universe, Iron Man, Dr. […]

Twenty-Five Thoughts About Twenty-Five Comics &#8211 Red Lanterns ARGUS Flash Catwoman Sinister Dexter Green Team Deadworld GI Joe Teen Titans Aquaman Atomic Robo Rachel Rising Jonah Hex Dead Boy Detectives Justice League Dark Superman Unchained Revelations Guardians Of The Galaxy Savage Wolverine New Avengers Artifacts Hawken Melee THUNDER Agents Legenderry And Dredd Classic

Twenty-Five Thoughts About Twenty-Five Comics – Red Lanterns, ARGUS, Flash, Catwoman, Sinister Dexter, Green Team, Deadworld, GI Joe, Teen Titans, Aquaman, Atomic Robo, Rachel Rising, Jonah Hex, Dead Boy Detectives, Justice League Dark, Superman Unchained, Revelations, Guardians Of The Galaxy, Savage Wolverine, New Avengers, Artifacts, Hawken Melee, THUNDER Agents, Legenderry And Dredd Classic

It's up to you whether you find the scene where he slices his face off more nauseating, of when the elephants start talking to him.New Avengers does a rather neat trick of having the Black Priests, as we see each made up of the minds of tens of thousand people, speak with lots of Is[...]

A Comic Show &#8211 The Legenderry Last Week Of The Year

A Comic Show – The Legenderry Last Week Of The Year

And New Avengers where we saw an alternate Earth sync up to the beginning of our 616 Earth's New Avengers with catastrophic consequencesGeoff has left Aquaman, but Jeff Parker is here! Up, up and under pressure This first issue of his run was good, and I liked all that was set up We'll miss[...]

Time To Meet A Parallel New Avengers

Time To Meet A Parallel New Avengers

Over in New Avengers, the comic has concentrated on a series of attacks on reality, with other parallel Earths incurring into our own and the Illuminati gathering, forced to destroy other realities completely in order to preserve their own Well, now we get to meet one of those realities.This page is from New Avengers #13.INH,[...]

Thirty-Four Thoughts About Thirty-Three Comics &#8211 Avengers New Avengers Adventure Time BPRD Nowhere Men Sheltered Morning Glories Zero Grimm GI Joe Transformers Imagine Agents Buzz Kill The Strain Brain Boy Bloodhound Star Trek: Khan Dark Nights Hellraiser X-Files Hunger Batwoman X-Men Legacy Wonder Woman Transformers X-O Manowar Batman/Superman Batman And Two Face Hawkeye Avengers Assemble Shoot First Guardians Of The Galaxy Bloodshot And Baltimore

More On Thane &#8211 Son Of Thanos

More On Thane – Son Of Thanos?

And the observation that all the evidence seemed to point to him being the son of Thanos as seen in the Infinity crossover in New Avengers.Well, now we get a little more information, with important books for the character's history being labelled "Life And Death" as Infinity and New Avengers And the following narrative... I used[...]

The Secret History Of The Inhumans&#8230 Or The Mormons (Infinity Spoilers)

The Secret History Of The Inhumans… Or The Mormons? (Infinity Spoilers)

And it involves a lost tribe of Inhumans...From today's New Avengers #10 we get the history...And then the angel Gabriel came down and implanted an Inhuman with the seed of a God Or she got knocked up by Thanos, depending on your scripture.So here's the lost tribe of Joseph Inhumans, who seem to have managed[...]