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Today's Dimensional Travel Guide To Marvel And DC
Maybe he just bought it? Knowing the local terrain can be important but, as in New Avengers, just winging it can expose you to all sorts of new experiences And to be fair, show me a map that can deal with extradimensional Escher… You can get involved in local discussions Worlds Finest tells stories of Earth Two's[...]
Finding Out Who Rabum Alal Is In New Avengers Just Asks More Questions
The book includes early issues of the New Avengers, where we learnt about the incursions of Earths… And while we were looking at Mister Fantastic and the use of the Infinity Gauntlet in both these issues, there was someone else in the Fantastic Four comic who might have been worth paying attention to[...]
Ch-Ch-Changes – Multiversity To New Avengers
Though Diamond still list this as by Paquette. New Avengers #32 will now be drawn by Mike Deodato and Carlos Pacheco instead of Kev Walker.. New 52: Futures End #42 didn't have art by Jesus Merino and Dan Green as solicited, but by Scot Eaton and Scott Hanna instead. Red Hood and the Outlaws #39 didn't have art by RB[...]
Signs Of Secret Wars Across The Marvel Universe, Today
But could there already be signs? Let's have a look at today's New Avengers, Captain America & The Mighty Avengers, Scarlet Spider, Spider-Man 2099, Nova and Daredevil Minor spoilers ahead… We have a Battleworld coming, this time rather than being comprised of various world, this one is composed of various realities of the multiverse And we've[...]
Time Runs Out – And Blows Up Squadron Supreme (UPDATE)
UPDATE: Marvel's latest teaser for Axis… It's all the same thing now really. Now, where were we? Oh yes…. Here's a look ahead at the Time Runs Out issues of Avengers and New Avengers, in which the stories jump forward Eight Months Later. So what do we know? Well, both Unworthy Thor and Hawkeye appear to have lost[...]
When Comic Book Characters Moan About Their Own Storylines
The Beast is complaining to himself in New Avengers. That's his future self that is And yes, it does address a rather glaring plot point between this book and the events in All-New X-Men. And even in space, you can't get away… Why, Nova, you are here to entertain! Jump, insect, jump! Dance for our entertainment! And never[...]
When Jessica Drew Threw Up In The Bathroom And Tom Brevoort Forgot
In New Avengers #45 And even in House Of M, it seems that it the skrull Veranke was still posing as Jessica Drew, even in the altered continuity Look. Confirmed in the preamble… Who edited that comic again? Back to Tumblr! Tom New Avengers 45 dealt with Veranke in House Of M as Jessica and how her and the[...]