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Doctor Who: Eccleston Returns for 2nd Series of Audio Dramas
Christopher Eccleston's Ninth Doctor is back to make new friends and foes in a brand-new box set of Doctor Who audio dramas, released today by Big Finish Productions The Ninth Doctor's second series of audio adventures begins with three emotional stories that examine what it means to be human During these Earthbound travels, the Time[...]
Doctor Who: Christopher Eccleston Won’t Play The Doctor on TV Again
"I've never been a fan of multi-Doctor stories," the actor (who has returned as the Ninth Doctor for a number of Big Finish audio dramas) revealed "When I worked on the series, I had really strong ideas about what works and what doesn't, and I always think that multi-Doctor stories are a bit of a[...]
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If you thought Christopher Eccleston sounded like he was having fun returning as the Ninth Doctor for his first volume of audio drama adventures, just wait until you see what he and the fine folks at Big Finish Productions have in store in the second volume of Doctor Who – The Ninth Doctor Adventures Set[...]
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This is it, Doctor Who fans! The month that Christopher Eccleston officially returns as the Ninth Doctor in a series of new audio dramas from Big Finish The last time we checked in with how things were going with Doctor Who – The Ninth Doctor Adventures: Ravagers, the main man himself was taking questions from fans[...]
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With Christopher Eccleston's return as the Ninth Doctor in a series of new Doctor Who audio dramas set for next month, Big Finish has a rather interesting follow-up to their release of the official audio trailer/preview for Doctor Who – The Ninth Doctor Adventures: Ravagers In the clip below, Eccleston answers a number of questions[...]
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Doctor Who fans have been buzzing with excitement ever since word came down that Christopher Eccleston would be returning as the Ninth Doctor in a series of new audio dramas, and now Big Finish is offering some serious intel on what fans can expect and how to get their hands on it Set to release[...]
The Ninth Doctor Joins Time Lord Victorious in Doctor Who Magazine
The Doctor Who Annual also laid out the time period of The Dark Times in Doctor Who lore, with the earliest alien races and when Time Lords were young. The new issue of the Doctor Who Magazine #566 includes the Ninth Doctor comic book story, Monstrous Beauty, by Scott Gray and John Ross, separate from the[...]
The Story of Rose Tyler | The Women Who Lived | Doctor Who
And then she met a man who could change his face and took her away from home in his magical machine." can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: The Story of Rose Tyler | The Women Who Lived | Doctor Who ( From the moment she first took the Ninth Doctor's (Christopher Eccleston) hand in the[...]
Gary Russell Finally Tells The Story Of Rose's Red Bicycle In The 12 Doctors Of Christmas
Moffat's line from The Doctor Dances is the only remaining nod in that direction, as Abbott was unable to work on the script due to scheduling conflicts. So what about that Red Bicycle? It has featured a number of times in fanfic... can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Doctor Who: The Red Bicycle ( … but[...]
In One Week, In Two Weeks: The Ninth Doctor Is Looking For Group With No Mercy…
In one week's time… the launch of Convergence #0, Witcher: Fox Children, My Little Pony: Fiendship Is Magic, No Mercy, Avengers Millenium, Avengers Ultron Forever, Empire Of The Dead Act Three, the 100,000+ selling Star Wars: Kanan, The Last Padawan, Sharazad, Space Riders, Ufology, CBLDF Defender, Looking For Group, Uncanny Season 2, Hoax Hunters, Rick & Morty, Poet[...]
Doctor Who: The Ninth Doctor Gets Retailer Custom Covers
Well it worked for Star Wars. Titan Comics is offering retailer-customised covers for the launch of Doctor Who: The Ninth Doctor #1 by Calvin Scott and Blair Shedd. The Customizable Retailer Shared cover, using the concept right, with the name of your store on the cover and your town/city/area on the street sign, as well as the badge[...]