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No More Heroes 3 Coming To PC & Other Consoles This Fall
XSEED Games announced this morning that they're finally bringing No More Heroes 3 over to every other platform Originally released for the Nintendo Switch, the game will now be coming out on PC, as well as both Xbox and PlayStation consoles later this Fall What's more, the game will be getting a few different improvements[...]
First Two No More Heroes Games Coming To PC Next Week
XSEED Games announced this morning that the first two No More Heroes games will be released on PC next week Developed by Grasshopper Manufacture Inc and Marvelous Inc., both of the SUDA51 titles helmed by the otaku protagonist Travis Touchdown have been updated and for PC with support for HD resolutions Which includes a smoothed[...]
Brittany's Most Anticipated Games of 2020: No More Heroes 3
I can't wait to play No More Heroes 3! I've been awaiting the next core No More Heroes game ever since I put my Wii remote down at the end of No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes wasn't enough to sate my hunger for all things Suda51, so I'm hoping[...]
"No More Heroes III" Is Reportedly 35 to 45 Percent Complete
Credit: Marvelous Entertainment Can't wait to get your hands on more No More Heroes? It sounds like No More Heroes III is nearly done. In a new interview with WCCFTech, Grasshopper Manufacturer CEO Goichi "Suda51" Suda let some details slip about the game He stated that the game is about 35 to 40 percent complete The game[...]
Travis Returns in No More Heroes III on Switch in 2020
Travis Touchdown is returning to us next year in No More Heroes III, a sequel to No More Heroes and Travis Strikes Again The game is coming exclusively on the Nintendo Switch in 2020. Grasshopper Manufacture has announced a 2020 release date for No More Heroes III during Nintendo's E3 2019 Nintendo Direct video presentation[...]
Developer Says That No More Heroes 3 Will Come Out In 15 To 25 Year
No More Heroes was a bit of a cult classic on the Wii It was different to pretty much anything else on the console through its whole run It was bright, violent and let you wield a lightsaber What's not to love? No More Heroes 3 was announced years ago now, but thus far, we have[...]
No More Heroes Is A Hit… With The Pirates
A week ago, Bleeding Cool featured a small press superhero comic with gumption, No More Heroes by Gordon Mclean, who had used his last pay cheque after being made redundant to fund it. And it was a hit… especially with pirates A few days later, the comic had been downloaded 1600 times through Demonoid alone, ranking[...]
No More Heroes – A Very Real Suicide Squad
It took the global recession to make this comic happen. Writer Gordon Mclean took his redundancy cheque and, along with selling off his Playstation games collection, hired an artist, Caio Oliveira, to do his idea justice. Now Gordon has published No More Heroes, a comic about superheroes, suicide and personal responsibility With just a little Wanted/Kick Ass[...]