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LeDuc is the first openly gender nonbinary athlete to compete in the winter games and the first to win a national title (the pair also took gold at the national event). Image: Screencap The LeDuc/Cain-Gribble partnership isn't only unique for featuring a nonbinary athlete, their style of skating is unique and offers a modern perspective on the[...]
Foxes, Fire, And Other Magic OGN by Kyla Smith Picked Up By Macmillan
And Nao, a nonbinary noodle maker struggling to keep their parents' legacy alive They must learn to trust each other to save Nao's udon shop and get Yuuki home before the spirit gate closes for good. Kyla tweeted out "I'm excited to announce FOXES, FIRE, AND OTHER MAGIC Set during Obon, it follows a lost fox[...]
Upstaged, a Nonbinary Graphic Novel by My Little Pony's Robin Easter
Upstaged sees Ashton, a nonbinary stagehand, struggle to confess their feelings to their best friend Ivy during their last summer at theatre camp. Webtoon strip Humdrum, by Robin Easter Upstaged will be published in the summer of 2025 Yes, we are looking that far ahead now Britt Siess at Britt Siess Creative Management brokered the deal for world rights[...]
Bones Leopard Sells Graphic Novel, Identical, About A Non-Binary Twin
Publishers Weekly describe the graphic novel as about "twins Blue and Tally, who are identical in every way, except Blue is hiding a secret—they are nonbinary—and they worry that revealing this to Tally will irrevocably change their relationship." Credit: Lauren Pierre Bones Leopard is a twin and nonbinary writer and artist who currently resides in Los Angeles[...]
Asia Kate Dillon stars in Billions (Image: Showtime).
In 2017, the first gender nonbinary performer to play a nonbinary character on a major television went public with their request for the TV Academy to clarify its gender distinctions Dillon would go on to be entered in the Best Supporting Actor category and then nominated as Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series for[...]
Red Hood: Outlaw #37 to Debut a New Non-Binary Superhero, DNA
It is notable that the symbol on their forehead is similar to that used for nonbinary people, albeit with the male/female signifiers turned inwards, inside the circle rather than outside of it. DNA may be the first nonbinary superhero character in the DC Universe so expressed, those without stated gender are usually artificial creations, aliens or[...]